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  1. Good Morning! It is available. You can contact me at 240-793-6137 or Thank you.


  2. I will take one ticket for prelims if still available.
  3. Hey I work at one of the big four! I'll hire you if you march your age out! Okay, I don't actually have that much power and I'm not even in the accounting department (work in technology) but to be serious, an internship isn't going to be your only ticket into a career at one of the big four. Most people who work there didn't come through an internship. Yes, the internship can help you get your foot in the door if you do a good job, but don't think of it as your one shot. In fact, if your resume was good enough to get offered an internship, then it will probably be enough to get an interview o
  4. I have a single ticket for Allentown Saturday night in section G (row 22)! $40 OBO EDIT: No longer available
  5. It turns out I will not be able to go to either night of Allentown. I am selling 2 tickets for both nights (Friday and Saturday) They are in Section G in row 22. Asking for $45/ticket/night ($40 + $5 telecharge fee). Would much prefer to sell all tickets together ($180 total). Will mail to you for free. EDIT: No longer available.
  6. Selling two great tickets for each night! Section: G Row: 19 $40 each!
  7. Hi, I'm trying to sell my VIP ticket package to Dayton this fall for percussion prelims, semi-finals, and finals. Package includes: parking pass coupon for a program book admission to winds finals on Sunday general admission to all prelims and semis VIP seating for all finals $220 OBO
  8. I learned my lesson after I ordered my 2008 DVD's after the cuts were made to Phantom =( I know people were definitely already ripping the videos and they'll always be out there and probably not too hard to find with enough effort but anymore talk like that will probably get this post removed. And to credit DCI, I know they've been getting stricter about it and this one may come down to a sync rights issue. Really I can't be completely sure as copyright law is such a complex minefield in the US.
  9. The Blue Devils change is probably because they were not able to secure a license for the samples they used during that section... It's actually pretty amazing that they were able to do what they did, whether they were able to sample a recording without the samples an seamlessly edit it in or (more likely) EQ out the samples using different microphones, and I'm guessing it will probably be the same on the DVD/Blu-Rays when they come out. This could spark a whole debate about whether corps using all of this licensed music is ruining DCI again, but I think in the end it's all up to the corps th
  10. Down low. These were the tickets originally priced at $62.75 each. Need to get rid of them so selling them for $55 each ($110 for both). Will transfer immediately through ticketmaster.
  11. Was searching for DCI Finals tickets and was able to track down some better seats. I just recently bought these off of the website so they are not much better than what you can just get normally so selling at a slight discount. Seats are down low in section 143 (which I much prefer over sitting up high and not being able to hear anything). You can get an idea of the view here: (not bad, right??? And you'll be outside the Cadets stage!) With fees and everything the tickets cost $129.60 but I'll let them g
  12. Awesome review and I really loved the fresh perspective! Thanks!
  13. A couple quick points... The reason Crossmen used a metronome (I'm almost positive) is because they had not been able to put their preshow in, and that's where the source of time was going to come from. For why they wouldn't use a drum major count off during rehearsals as well I have a couple reasons... -Drum corps usually rehearse on as many as 3 different fields at once. The head drum major is usually with the percussion for percussion ensemble requiring the back field conductor to be other places but this isn't a rule. Either way, metronome is the only way you'll be able to keep the rehe
  14. I do think purple and teal work together... but not on a green field. It's just overload for me. I think Crown would look utterly amazing if they just went with white pants instead, keeping the teal shakos and maybe changing the accent color on the jacket to teal. I just can't stand looking at the teal pants on green turf. It makes my eyes hurt. Other than that I really loved the show. If they can give it some more emotional impact it could be a winner but I assume those things are to come as it's still June after all.