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    1984 Caballeros go undefeated to win DCA and Cadets win DCI title #2
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  1. Her name is Chris Lewis. She marched from 1982-1986.
  2. George82

    Where is Jim Prime now?

    He's still in Elizabeth
  3. I always thought that this guy looked like James Caan
  4. I believe that Don Angelica knew "Lenny", personally.
  5. George82

    some old corps photos

    For the same reason the Commanders of New City, NY looked like the Blessed Sacrament Golden Knights
  6. The Purple Lancers...NY's ONLY DCI Finalist
  7. George82

    1981 27th Lancers Finally!

    The 1981 27th Lancers are such an underrated drum corps. They were so dominant during the first half of the season that summer. I think the only shows they lost were our show and DCI East Prelims the next day. They were awesome marchers with impeccable techique. In 82, Mark Sylvester never let us forget how good they were. My favorite part of the show was the giant arc from zero to zero during the hit in "Greatest Love of All".
  8. George82

    The "Z-Pull Pile-up"

    Gotta love you, Sam. You certainly are consistent
  9. George82


    how is it listed, Jeff??? I can't find it
  10. George82

    East Rutherford Show

    not just same day...same storm
  11. George82


    Hawthorne Cabaleros 1996
  12. Um, no... It is something that has been discussed going back to the 80's and they felt the time was right to do it now.