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  1. RIP Frank. I am sure you and the two Dave's are having quite a chat.
  2. 1. Crown 2. BD 3. Cadets 4. Bloo 5. SCV 6. BK 7. Phantom 8. Madison 9. Blue Stars 10. Cavies 11. Boston 12. Crossmen
  3. Mike, put into words so much better than I could. I have known David since I was a little snot nosed kid when he attended college in La Crosse and lived across the street from my family. He became involved with the corps and it was then that our lifetime friendship began. He loved the Blue Stars, the kids, and the activity as a whole. I will miss him dearly.
  4. All summer I've been waiting for,....." Mr. Gorbachev,...tear down that wall ". And they do.
  5. I don't think the heavy stuff will come down for quite a while.
  6. Less the sprinkles on the first couple of corps performing, the show was great. Purchased tickets the day they went on sale and had top row 45 yard line seats. There is a small walkway for emergency staff etc., right behind the top row, but is not designated seating. Almost all of the corps had staff run up and utilize this area to watch their corps perform. No problems with any of them. They were courteous, asked if they could watch from there before they just moved in, and did not disrupt anyone in the area from enjoying the performance. Until the Cadets group of five showed up. I have been a fan of the Cadets since the 70's, and probably cheer for them as much as my own corps. But I lost respect for them after these 5 staff acted like a bunch of high school pom and dance squad instuctors. They would scream, yell, clap, hoot and holler everytime someone winked, smiled, caught a rifle, played a loud note, said infamy, name it, they cheered for everything and ruined the show for us in the area. They were asked more than once to hold it down and they wouldn't even acknowledge us. They not only lost my respect for the corps, they have now lost all of my donations to them along with the souvies I would buy from them every year.
  7. I must say,...after watching them again on Fan Network after seeing them live, I enjoyed the Colts show. It kept me interested on what might happen next. The narration might be a bit too much at times, but the show is well thought out. I applaud them for doing a program like this.
  8. Why don't you just admit it, smell diesel fumes and hear bass drums from six blocks away,.... and you just can't stop yourself.
  9. I just assumed it was because they were a Secret Society.