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  1. In the spirit of both offering some suggestions for "modernizing" the Scouts, as some have asked for, and to add some levity to this thread, I offer this
  2. I've allowed myself to be sucked into this toxic vortex. Maybe when the constructive posts start, something positive might happen. The blame game sure isn't helping. I remember now why I usually just casually lurk and don't post on social media. As I said, good luck to the Scouts. I award this topic no points...
  3. Wait, this isn't a split of opinions, these are two very different narratives. Which is closer to being true regarding the treatment of the MMs?
  4. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot to include one other point in my post. There seem to be only a few negatively vocal alumni groups and Scouts' is one. Ranting here, while possibly therapeutic, isnt going to accomplish much. The horse was probably dead back in June on this front, maybe after the Scouts first competition? As I clearly don't understand many things, I don't understand how some alumni groups feel like they should be involved in so many decisions (staff, theme, uniforms, props, music, etc.). I would think most alumns are no more qualified that your average fan. And by the way, talk of going back to the Scouts traditions/roots isn't directionally correct. Just ask SCV and Bluecoats. They reinvented themselves to make it to the top. I will say, though: common denominator across Devils, Bluecoats and SCV: jazz with screamers. Interesting
  5. Long time Scouts fan (since the late 70s). I hope they have their best run on Thursday and then start work on improving for 2019. A Finals with Scouts is better than a finals without Scouts IMHO. A few things come to mind when reading this thread... I dont understand the anger. I can see being disappointed that the corps you marched in or one of your favorite corps isn't doing well, but the anger, I don't understand. Let's be honest, most corps uniforms and props are over the top and look kind of silly. Some people mock SCVs baggy pants, but nobody cares because the design and performance is so good. A corps can wear whatever they want as long as they rip my face off, make me throw babies, and bring a tear to my eye. The demands that everyone be fired: be careful what you ask for. At my college Alma mater, decent (not good, not bad) head coaches have been fired only for the althetic director to learn that they couldn't find a more competent coach that wanted the job. Our school, once a coaching destination, was no longer a destination. The result: we hired less competent football and basketball coaches that delivered worse results. All I'm saying is: don't assume more qualified people will jump into these positions. Not saying they shouldn't look for improving the staff, just a word of caution. Good luck to the Scouts going forward.
  6. The pacing and variety is really great. And as far as I can tell, they play "songs" for the most part (if they're mashing up and chopping & bopping, it's tastefully done). There are so many musical and visual impacts that the crowd reacts to, I imagine the performers just feed off of the energy. The show seems to end so quickly, I think because the design is so seamless, and from beginning to end the show is just so enjoyable.
  7. Thread title is click bait. Thank you, social media. When is saw this show live in June I really liked the first 2/3rds. Sounds like the design for the final portion hasn't come along as needed. For as talented as the designers are for the top groups, there's still the chance that a concept sounds good on paper but doesn't translate on the field. Devils seem immune to this, but all the top corps have off years in the overall design package. Cavaliers have nothing to feel bad about.
  8. Good luck to Regiment this week. Long time Phan.
  9. It's not staged well unless they've changed it recently. You really have to know it's there. Anyone thinking the cymbal V might end up front and center at the end?
  10. Caught a video of Mandarins show and it's very unique and entertaining. Two qualities that a lot of fans like to see. This is no disrespect and nothing but complimentary: I get both a Freelancers and a Magic of Orlando vibe from this year's show. The unique music arrangements and visual has a Freelancer feel and the guard very much has Magic of Orlando vibe. Mandarins stand on their own this year with a great design and performances. Congratulations to them and I hope they make finals. The crowd always loves to welcome a first-time corps to finals. To me, this would also be the ghost of some former finalist corps performing in finals again.
  11. In the years before and after they included props, play acting and costumes with mixed success, but this year, it all just worked. The Magical Mystery Tour show that included Malaguena is my other favorite of theirs. The bullfight is classic. Unfortunately may only be an early season recording of this show on YouTube.
  12. Bump. Grew up with the Vanguard always being my favorite. Have always wished them success and it's so good to see them with a chance for the gold. I have seen enough videos of their performances this year and read enough reviews to know that I'm going to regret not seeing them live this year. It's clearly a special show with a special groups of members. Some of the videos actually get me me emotional. The crowd loves this show so much. I can't wait to see how things go over the next week. Go SCV!
  13. OK, the original video made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me laugh so hard, I cried - probably because, in addition to the modernizations being hilarious, there is a lot of truth to them. And then the Trumpet Christmas - Maynard Ferguson (rest his soul) is smiling
  14. Please, please no rehashes - for SCV or anyone else (except for many many years I've been wanting Regiment to bring the black back and do Symphonie Fatasique - I'd be OK with that - and what's cool is that a storyline is included at no extra charge! Sorry, I'm straying off topic) On a related note, to the '92 Fiddler show, I only saw the final product during finals week in Madison. I've heard stories about the show being very different early in the season and they just kept changing it and paring it down (some say for the better, some say for worse). Does anyone have first hand knowledge of the evolution of the show over that season? The end result was part throwback and part, for lack of a better term, underwhelming.