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  1. That screaming-for-every-catch thing gives me a headache, is extremely distracting, and really takes my ability to enjoy a performance. It almost makes me dislike the group/performance simply because their staff/parents/fans are obnoxious.
  2. 3rd, 1st, 3rd and 2nd (should have been 1st) their final 4 yrs of existance. That's why.
  3. Ok here's the best example I can think of, and sorry if my years are wrong... In 1994 did anyone question Devil's championship because Star folded and wasn't there?
  4. Some recent esoteric shows absolutely do make me feel stupid. Maybe that's my own problem, though.
  5. So, I don't mean to beat a dead horse on this discussion, and I understand he's apologized and apology has been accepted, etc But, that question didn't come out of nowhere. It was in his mind. Either he personally felt that this was a topic worth asking about, or he heard there was a buzz about this, or maybe he himself thought that they should have an asterisk. I don't follow Open Class discussions, but was this even mentioned anywhere? Or did he invent this 'controversy'? Not trying to overanalyze, just curious if there was truly a buzz about this.
  6. Those college athletes all think they're going to be rich pro athletes soon. And they're all groomed to give the same boring answers as the pros. Can we all agree that the sideline interviews can be done away with? If they do anything to fill the gaps between corps and during INT, maybe prerexorddd, true human interest stories about participants that have truly overcome obstacles to get to where they are? Too Olympics-y?
  7. How about the Star of Indiana hamster wheels? Only heard about them, never saw them. Was that in their space show?
  8. Big difference between sports reporters asking sometimes controversial questions of professional athletes being paid millions and a dci sideline reporter asking questions of young adults who pay to participate. And as you mentioned, the whole point, I assume, it to provide some human interest filler stories as a marketing angle. If so, every question asked should be of the goal: promote drum corps. Asking that question was about as off base and inappropriate as possible. He doesn't have to apologize to me though. As mentioned by others, the interviews add no value to me. The same questions and the same answers, interestingly enough, just like sports interviews.
  9. Does this even happen the first time they see them each season?
  10. Let's go Regiment. Finish the season strong!
  11. Sorry, gotta double dip. Suncoast Sound 88 Symphonic Dances for the Contemporary Child. I listened to that music over and over. Never saw it live and never saw a video until fairly recently. That show was ahead of its time and the music was awesome.
  12. I'm going to stretch the definition of 'show' and say I wish I would have been at 1980 Finals. The specific corps that came to mind was Spirit 80. But I watched my bad vidoe of the 80 PBS Broadcast so many times I wore it out. Would have loved to see Bridgemen, 27, North Star, Scouts, Regiment and SCV, and really all top 12 in 80. Wanted to see SCV 2018 live but couldn't. Saw them this year, so that almost made up for it. Wish I could have Regiment live this year. The first time I saw a video, the show really connected with me.
  13. I knew the risks of mentioning the S word, but I really like Regiment's show and I dont think they are getting a fair shake. I hope they perform with a chip on their shoulders today, tomorrow and Saturday.
  14. Let's go Regiment! Bring the Fire! SUTA!!!!!
  15. It seems right to say this, and many people on this forum seem to agree including me, but the score progressions and gaps don't paint that picture. Last I checked, most improved scorewise were... Bluecoats a Blue Devils. Surprise! And if you look at the scoring progressions and comparisons with other corps, I'm going have to say there was some slotting after day 1.
  16. By the way, if this is real, then one could look for the group with a bunch of earplugs and mics on their horns.
  17. Saw SCV, Cavies and Bloo Live. They all seemed amplified in some way but Bloo had a trumpet feature farther back on the field and they were louder coming out of the speakers than from the field. That seemed odd.
  18. It almost seems like the visual design is bringing down the brass numbers somehow. 4th in brass?
  19. Isn't that a sad thing to have to say based on the talent level they have?
  20. I guess it depends on one's definition of "fair". Should only the mostly subjective opinions of the finals night judges decide the outcome or should separate full panels all have an influence? This could also make penalties or a bad run on Thursday or Friday impact the final standings.
  21. I get the idea of ordinals and slotting and "leaving space" based on performance order, but the idea of corps "pulling away" points from other makes zero sense to me.
  22. Unless I misunderstand, it was planned that they not have the food truck for August? If so, this sound like a "planned" issue/emergency.