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  1. I think 2 corps have shown this (Bridge) isn't a good song for drum corps .
  2. Come on, now. Who here looks forward to each corps' props? And to say that corps X would place higher if they had 'better' props or corps Y would place higher if they added props doesn't make sense to. I look forward to good music, drill and guardwork, performed well. Regiment is delivering on that. SUTA!
  3. Hypothetical question: should a corps adding some "thing" mid season (tarps, drums, 1800's hats with a giant eagle and a plume stuck to, new props, girl popping out of a book, etc.) really impact a score in a measurable way? I know the Devil's example is different, but if 2 SCV performances were exactly the same, with the exact same judges, except performance 1 had the "old" drums and no tarps and performance 2 had the new drums and the tarps, should the scores be different? How much? Is there anything on the score sheets that would indicate a higher score is warranted?
  4. Trust me, I don't have time or energy to research corps shows. Most design staff's description of a show go right over my head, any way; nor do I always "get" shows when watching them even if I do know the theme (was Crown's championship show about physics or a love story, or both? I don't really care, and I loved that show). And we shouldn't have to do research. On first viewing for an audience member, all shows should just entertain. While the top corps are all very, very good, there's a homogenization creeping in that concerns me.
  5. I assume we can all agree that a kick halt or a chevron form, regardless of when done, will not make make or break a show? There are so few traditions and even recognizability of corps these days given the annual, throw-away costumes, I like the nod to the corps history. Crown has done quite well the last 10 years, and while I don't know with certainty, I'll assume they've had a crown form every year. In how many of their shows does a crown form "make sense"? Triple Crown, maybe, sorta and that was 2007 (I looked this up, don't have it all memorized). Are people upset about Crown's use of this every year? Even if so, the judges seem to be OK it. And actually, after 2 minutes of internet research: Joan of Arc, in French Jeanne d'Arc (6 January 1412 – 30 May 1431) Chevron: First appearing in English in the 14th century, chevron derives via Middle English and Anglo-French Maybe it make more sense this year than we knew?
  6. I'm not so sure about that. Some HS bands have dabbled with some of this already (lighting, stages and curtains). And designers seem to be continually pushing boundaries. Props, "choreography" and the current state of electronics and amplification will be evolving along with other boundaries being pushed. P.S. I don't like it. Put your #### uniforms and hats on, and march some cool drill!
  7. I'm ok with EVERY corps not upping the ante on the props arms race. The stationary props allow them to manipulate the stage plenty. I'm getting dizzy with all the props. SCV is another long time favorite of mine, and I've been very happy to see them at the top the last few years, but I'm disappointed that they had to outdo Devils at their own game in order to win (come out with the best props, greatly reduce the big drill moves, increase the "individual, stylized movement"/scatters). Seems like Devils and Coats have the best props props this year. If they finish 1 and 2 I can only imagine what's in store for next year with props. Actually, I can't. How much worse can it get?
  8. Serious question: do many people purchase and listen to audio recordings from finals? I have a hard time imagining there's a good balance across brass, percussion, pit and amplification/electronics. Or are there standstill recordings?
  9. I'm hoping to see a video of a recent Regiment competition performance (July 12-14). I can't find one online but if anyone knows of a link, I'd appreciate a PM. Sorry if I'm breaking any forum rules with my request. Go Regiment!
  10. Ah, yes, the chrome domes! Back when DCM was DCM. Dekalb actually had a very DCM-like lineup yesterday.
  11. Well,.everyone has their own unique mics, speakers, amps, and mixers, so.... What I really object to is the "cheating" of using amplification of the entire brassline. Hornline's unamplified volume levels used to generate plenty of excitement and were a certain measure of comparison for us to discuss. There's no way to know who has the loudest hornline anymore, and the audio engineer just needs to dial it up to 11 whenever they want, for a little extra music GE. And I think can all agree that amping the pits, while not without some benefits, is overdone a lot during the season. Some of us see only a show or two early in the season and it would be nice is corps weren't still figuring out how to not deafen the audience with the pit volume level.
  12. Those aren't necessarily two mutually exclusive things. For the sake of discussion, would you be willing to share your criteria for "relevance" as well as which corps currently meet that criteria right now?
  13. This design is in no way "just the basics" . It has some nice ties to Regiment's history, and in a good way IMO. And there are some cool effects (guard in corps proper uniforms, trumpets switching between 2 instruments) And from the early July video I'm guessing we might be seeing a chevron at/near the ending drill. Appropriate for the theme AND the corps history. I dont want to continue to bash other designs, but have you seen a higher scoring corps' slow motion version of their circle to box drill? And pretty sure it will end with a slow motion version of the letter after Y -pull. Zzzzzzz Talking about scores and placements, as asked, what's good enough versus not good enough when it comes to scores and placements? I stopped caring about scores a long time ago. I usually disagree w the judges. (Fyi, some 'supporters' of a corps likely to be in the 7 or 8 slot are also complaining about their show, despite decent scores and placings) The one knock I'll agree with is the initial dirtiness in the first few performances compared to others, but they seem to be cleaning up and tweaking the design nicely.
  14. I don't know. The elements people are complaining about here are in most other shows I've seen this year. And as for complaint about the props not moving around, I'm very ok with that. They serve their purpose for hiding performers as needed. Many corps' props become too much of the visual focus (i.e. a distraction - have you see the 4 giant, white spaceships/tanks?).
  15. There have been some very memorable vocalizations in drum corps over the years, most of them unplugged. I think there might have been some vocals in Regiment's last championship show?
  16. I'm not a general fan of electronics or amplification, but I like Regiment's use of it this year. The vocals help clearly tell the story, while also adding variety and pacing. Does anyone know: is the opening vocal sung live? I can't tell from the video.
  17. This show design is really good. There is cleaning to be done, but this is a very high energy, emotional show. I'm a Phan. Go Regiment!
  18. Where to park? Won't be there til 6:30. The welcome center lots?
  19. In the spirit of both offering some suggestions for "modernizing" the Scouts, as some have asked for, and to add some levity to this thread, I offer this
  20. I've allowed myself to be sucked into this toxic vortex. Maybe when the constructive posts start, something positive might happen. The blame game sure isn't helping. I remember now why I usually just casually lurk and don't post on social media. As I said, good luck to the Scouts. I award this topic no points...
  21. Wait, this isn't a split of opinions, these are two very different narratives. Which is closer to being true regarding the treatment of the MMs?
  22. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot to include one other point in my post. There seem to be only a few negatively vocal alumni groups and Scouts' is one. Ranting here, while possibly therapeutic, isnt going to accomplish much. The horse was probably dead back in June on this front, maybe after the Scouts first competition? As I clearly don't understand many things, I don't understand how some alumni groups feel like they should be involved in so many decisions (staff, theme, uniforms, props, music, etc.). I would think most alumns are no more qualified that your average fan. And by the way, talk of going back to the Scouts traditions/roots isn't directionally correct. Just ask SCV and Bluecoats. They reinvented themselves to make it to the top. I will say, though: common denominator across Devils, Bluecoats and SCV: jazz with screamers. Interesting
  23. Long time Scouts fan (since the late 70s). I hope they have their best run on Thursday and then start work on improving for 2019. A Finals with Scouts is better than a finals without Scouts IMHO. A few things come to mind when reading this thread... I dont understand the anger. I can see being disappointed that the corps you marched in or one of your favorite corps isn't doing well, but the anger, I don't understand. Let's be honest, most corps uniforms and props are over the top and look kind of silly. Some people mock SCVs baggy pants, but nobody cares because the design and performance is so good. A corps can wear whatever they want as long as they rip my face off, make me throw babies, and bring a tear to my eye. The demands that everyone be fired: be careful what you ask for. At my college Alma mater, decent (not good, not bad) head coaches have been fired only for the althetic director to learn that they couldn't find a more competent coach that wanted the job. Our school, once a coaching destination, was no longer a destination. The result: we hired less competent football and basketball coaches that delivered worse results. All I'm saying is: don't assume more qualified people will jump into these positions. Not saying they shouldn't look for improving the staff, just a word of caution. Good luck to the Scouts going forward.
  24. The pacing and variety is really great. And as far as I can tell, they play "songs" for the most part (if they're mashing up and chopping & bopping, it's tastefully done). There are so many musical and visual impacts that the crowd reacts to, I imagine the performers just feed off of the energy. The show seems to end so quickly, I think because the design is so seamless, and from beginning to end the show is just so enjoyable.