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  1. Stadium lights need to be turned on
  2. PaulCdts

    Cadets 2017

    It is now July 20. With all the discussion about what this show really is trying to tell us, lies the problem with the show design. Like last year, the constant need to add to make the storyline clear to everyone becomes the problem not the answer. If you can not establish what you intended by this time of the season, with multiple viewings either by video or live, your show design is at fault from the beginning.
  3. YEA, as do other corps, purchase rain insurance for their events. The payout depends on how much rain, measured at the closest airport, falls within a specified amount of time. If the numbers are met, the organization gets the money from the insurance. That's one of the reasons they have to wait to make the call, so they meet those numbers and get paid.
  4. PaulCdts

    DCI trivia

    DCI Finals appearances before becoming Champions: Anaheim Kngsmen - 1 - '72 Santa Clara Vanguard - 2 - '72,'73 Madison Scouts - 3 - '73,'74,'75 Blue Devils - 3 - '74,'75,'76 Cadets - 6 - '75,'77,'80,'81,'82,'83 Star of Indiana - 7 - '85,'86,'87,'88,'89,'90,'91 Cavaliers - 19 - '72,'74,'75,'76,'77,'79, '80,'81,'82,'83,'84,'85,'86,'87,'88,'89 '90,'91,'92 Phantom Regiment - 23 - '74,'75,'76,'77,'78,'79, '80,'81,'82,'83,'84,'85,'86,'87,'88,'89 '90,'91,'92,'93,'94,'95,'96