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  1. I played one in 2000 in Kilties and it was not a huge problem but we weren't doing a drill like Cadets or Cavaliers either. I actually liked playing the mello this year. Was something different. Hopefully I'll be playing mello next year somewhere. in a blue uniform.
  2. Good Luck, Fred. You're my local corps. I live in Romeoville. It's always a pleasure to watch your kids having such a great time. You are doing noble work. Actually teaching, not just assigning spots. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to figure out how I missed your great review of Cap Sound for nearly an entire month.... Well, I'm glad I saw it today since I miss seeing them so much and I'm in a funk about RA being done. Thanks for all the nice things you've said about them. They really are a great bunch of kids and with a limited rehearsal schedule, I think they and their extraordinary staff put a fine show together year after year. And the kids want to come back...... I think that speaks volumes for what happens at Capital Sound. Thanks, Andrew!
  4. What about the beginning of their show in 2001? Those mellos are insane! I love it!
  5. Thanks Terri (sometimes it helps to read the entire thread beforehand) LOL Andy (great kid and good drum corps genes) - great review of the entire weekend - you have done your parents and the entire drum corps community proud - keep up the good work!! Aw Pooh, always a gentleman. I told that boy he has drum corps pedigree! Mostly from Dad. Cya at the banquet. I miss all of you already. :(
  6. Click on the "journals", darlin'. His entire DCA weekend is in there.
  7. Nice job, Andy. It was great to have you as THE bus captain of the Camry this weekend. Isn't it funny how anxious we were to get back to our cornfields after all that mountain greenery? aka. MOM
  8. I was so good this weekend, someone asked me why I was nursing my beer so long at finals! -Terri
  9. Frank an Pooh...decibel meter..."Loud IS Good"!! :o Too bad Lothar is a Mellow player...what a 3some that would be. cya there Aldo (loud but controlled mellow) B) d### Aldo, that's what happens when you live in the freaking wilderness. Hahah.
  10. will be a busy Saturday evening for me depending on I've been practicing against the concrete wall in the basement for a couple of weeks now... The girls are about ready to throw me out of the house... BRING IT ON!!! Heh! Tell the girls it is worse to live with two drummers. Always hacking on those pads.
  11. There are two seasons in the Chicago area: Winter and Construction. :D
  12. I don't know if you don't understand what the green gumbies meant or the show in general meant. If it's the gumbies, that was in "Curious Carnival", a combination of a Pink Floyd tune (The Trial I think) and Danny Elfman's Beetlejuice. If you mean the show in general, I don't think it was meant to mean anything. At least that's what I picked up. Just played some classic rock. And I thought they did it very nicely. This corps just keeps getting better and better. They are quite the success story. Kids keep coming back year after year. And to me, that is success. JMHO. -Terri
  13. Heh! Yeah, some of us are as young as 44! Don't remind me. The miracle will be over soon. I know that the alumni corps spectators in Scranton are gonna love us tho and that will be a good memory to take back with us. (trying not to think about Sunday, Sept. 1.) :(
  14. I'm not sure where else in the near 'burbs they could host the show. I don't think it draws enough to justify Ryan (nee Dyche) Stadium at Northwestern (and who knows if the football staff would sign off on it if it did, though as I think of it, it'd be a much better location for DCI Midwest than the RCA Dome - sorry Indy folks...). Agree that the portapotty situation was a disaster (as I mentioned, I and a couple hundred other people missed PR because of it), but on the other hand, the grounds of the school and the stadium itself are quite nice, the food and drinks were reasonably priced and
  15. Thanks! We're having a blast! But we're not all fiftysomethings. There's some fortysomethings, thirtysomethings, even some twentysomethings doing the Royal Air gig. It's great to have such a variety of drum corps experience working together to do this thing right. BTW, I never feel old until I hear "3000 years of drum corps experience" in our speil! Haha! -Terri :D