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  1. Just in time for the holidays, a great shirt for drum corps fans of all ages!
  2. The DCA model simply is not the greatest in the Florida area, it is excellent for the Midwest and North East however. We were fortunate enough this year to have a show within 100 miles of our home base, however after that, the closest show is an 8-9 hour bus ride away. To top that off, the next show is 15-16 hours away. The amount of time and money spent to drive to and from the standard 3 DCA South shows is enough to send a DCI Open Class corps on the road for 2 weeks, culminating at DCI Open Class Championships in Indiana. DCA did provide a solid foundation for Thunder to get back on it's feet after taking a decade off from competition.
  3. The parades don't even come close to covering the cost of taking a corps a couple thousand miles for a couple of days. Trucks, buses, fuel, food, etc.
  4. Hi how where the corps last night ? i hope there was a really large crowd for them to play to .where you able to get numbers on all corps, i hope and am looking forward to see n hearing the video cant thank you enought for that

  5. Unfortunately cell phone service out there wasn't the greatest, so I'm waiting for the person who video taped the performances to get to a computer to upload them.
  6. In lieu of tonight's standstill-only event, thought it would be fun to do a fan poll based on everyone's standstill performances. We're going to work on getting vid's posted of everyone's peformance, so everyone can vote. Please wait to vote until you see everyone! **Moderators, is there anyway to reset this poll and lock it until videos have been posted??**
  7. The 2013 Tampa Bay Thunder wants you to join them on a celebration of the seasons. The celebration begins in winter with New Year’s Day and continues through Valentine’s Day. When spring arrives, a percussive thunderstorm will lead us to a salute of our lost and fallen troops. A big Fourth of July celebration will take us into summer, which will end when the autumn leaves begin to fall. After autumn, we celebrate the holiday season with some Christmas music and take you to a New Year’s Eve Party The Thunder is off to a great start with many new things in place for this year. The addition of Kendall Carrier as the corps director brings a new dynamic to the organization. Kendall is currently the band director of the FMBC 3A state champion, Braden River High School band and has brought new ideas and organizational concepts to the corps. Equally as exciting is the addition of Frank Williams and Dennis Laorenza as co-caption heads of the brass staff. Frank and Dennis each bring over 30 years of experience in the activity to the organization and are very excited to be working together with the Thunder. The Tampa By Thunder still has spots available in each section. The educational philosophy of the corps is to teach everyone who wants to be involved. If you or anyone you know would like to be a member of the corps and have a great summer experience, please feel free to visit
  8. Also, FJM won't sell you an individual of a uniform. Well, they will, but it's going to cost you a pretty hefty sum. If the design is a stock design (or was designed by FJM) then you can get them for a minimum of 6 typically.
  9. The show sponsor has to pay for the facilities that are to be used, a set DCA judges fee, hotel stay for the judges, travel to and from the airport-hotel-show for the judges, food for judges, selling tickets & awards (if they so choose). As for the corps who attend, it's all about the date of the show and the location. There's so many shows that historically always fall on the same weekend each summer. The show sponsor then also can pay the corps, which will help draw groups. DCA pays each corps a tiny little share at the end of the season. DCA has no risk in a show financially, their only risk is reputation. They don't want a show sponsor to show DCA in the wrong way, which is why there's a minimum as to how many corps have to be at a show.
  10. Tampa Bay Thunder currently has (2) King Marching Tubas for immediate sale. $1800 each + shipping. These horns are 2 seasons old and come in the rolling King hard cases. please email for more information.
  11. Bring in the new year with a new iPad 2! Tampa Bay Thunder is raffling off a brand new Apple 16gb iPad 2 (with retina display). Raffle tickets are $10 and can be purchased online via the thunder website (iPad 2 Raffle.) The winner will be drawn on January 1st, 2013. Winner will receive a new, in-box, Apple 16gb iPad 2 black (with retina display) a $500 value! Click the link below to purchase your raffle tickets today (no limit on tickets purchased). Tampa Bay Thunder iPad 2 raffle
  12. We'll definitely be there! Hope to see CV make the trip down to the Florida show this summer!
  13. I've always been a big fan of the backfield intro in BD 2000.
  14. You should be able to get a letter from the original composer/artist/etc that states it. WGI actually offers pre-made forms to send to music labels. Just dig around on their site for them.