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  1. When i first read this I thought it said "h o r n i c i d e" instead of "h o m i c i d e" In any event, my thoughts and well wishes go out to his family.
  2. Regarding Colts, I haven't seen the show but maybe once this year through clips on DCI's website. Without analyzing scores, the only thing I can possibly think of that would cause this much of a shift is, as others have already mentioned, the fact they brought on so many displaced members from Teal Sound and it's taking a while to catch them up and integrate them into the show. I'm not knocking Teal or its current/former members and it certainly isn't the kids' fault. If nothing else, I think this season just further exemplifies the family bonding for which Colts have always been known. I don'
  3. I've seen the show a couple times and heard various accounts of it. Although the show is seriously flawed and easily their worst since '97 IMO, there is no way in hell the Cavies are missing Finals. To even suggest this is just ludicrous. They are looking at a 7-10 finish when it's all said and done.
  4. As a former world class member who has been rendered unconscious (via much more directly than this), I feel bad for this young person. The well-being of the performers always comes first. I hope the person is OK and will be able to finish out the season with no major effects the rest of the way. PS - If anyone would like to see the show I'm referring to, PM me.
  5. For the past 5 years I have conducted a poll/contest to determine DCP's favorite shows that finished in a particular place from 1-12. This is just a heads up that the sixth annual poll will begin on Monday with the 12th place teams kicking it off. Stay tuned!
  6. If you could pick one 60 second interval of music from any show throughout history, what would you choose as the best?
  7. I was at the show as well. Didn't get to write a review since I came in with Colts, but I have some quick (late) thoughts. As is my tradition, I sat in the front row on the 50. I always get the full horn blast in my face , especially for the reprise. Of course I'm a Colts fan so I have to say something about them first. It was nice to see them come back to Pittsburgh for the first time since 1995. Nice to see a few familiar faces from my marching days still marching and on staff. First time I've seen a Colts show from the stands this early in the season. While I can certainly respect the sho