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  1. Percussion827

    The Cadets 2019

    Here's some of the concerns though. You're now encroaching upon Thunder Brigade and Sonus (formerly Shenandoah Sound). Granted, I have heard nothing about those organizations in a while, but this gives me partial pause to the matter. Also, despite the seemingly fantastic idea of the DMV (Westminster's Program is/was run by a Cadet Alum), the place hasn't had the best reputation for building an ensemble, despite the seemingly continuous flow of talent from the schools. I can think of a couple ensembles off the top of my head who started and then folded within 5 years of said start. I mean, I'd love to see it as well as I could see a camp on a crazy weekend if possible. But I don't know how effective someplace like Baltimore/DC would ultimately end up.
  2. Honestly, any of the 3 listed will probably give you a good start. Raiders, being in Open Class, gives you experience while not draining the ENTIRE summer. Cadets2, being DCA, works as well because you can work on the weekdays and have competition on the weekends, allowing you to save up for that car but still get the Drum Corps experience. The only drawback is they go until Labor Day, which may go a bit against your College education. Surf is also in the same boat as Raiders, but they do a bit more travel in the summer with the varied regional competitions that they attend as a part of the 'World Class' roster of Corps. To round out the question, just go and Audition with the Bluecoats. See what you have and ask about recommended locations should they decide you're not quite ready to be in their tenor section. There may be other corps that you haven't thought of in the area of Connecticut or New Jersey that would prepare you more due to familiarity within the staff members and other factors.
  3. Percussion827

    Snare Drum Heads for Nice Corps Sound?

    In all honesty, the heads work just fine for now. It might be how the drum is tuned from the heads to the guts themselves. With a Falam 2 batter head, you can get a good amount of tension into it. Almost as much as the old Tendura from Premier. However, really cranking down on a Falam 2 batter head will potentially be bad for longer term wrist health with the harsher 'basket' weave. Adding a Falam 2 snare side/ resonant head will really dry out the sound and will lead to that table top sound you're looking for, but eventually there is that request for adequate tone instead of tuned so high that it makes large dogs cry and kills small dogs. In my own opinion, grab a Max head (Doesn't matter which) and put that as the top head, leaving the Ambassador as the resonant head. While allowing the top head to get and develop holding tension, look at your guts and try to get an even tension across the entire assembly. That's my own head combination and when I actually had it maintained on my own personal drum, it sounded fantastic. No need for the table top sound if you're using the drum for solo work.
  4. Percussion827

    Thunder Brigade 2015 Show

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don't find the timings of Shenandoah Sound changing over to Sonus for SoundSport and Thunder Brigade announcing they were going to SoundSport being a coincidence.
  5. Percussion827

    Building Left Hand Chops

    Jonnyboy and Mike have it right. Grab 'Rudimental Logic' by Bill Bachman for technique tips and rudiment listings (if you don't already have a good sized list), George Stone's Stick control, a metronome and start hacking. Make sure you utilize appropriate technique given in Rudimental Logic and make sure you don't overwork the left wrist as to potentially cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Going off the left to lead warm ups and exercises and maybe even your audition piece would show you're consciously applying more thought into it and getting that pesky left hand stronger.
  6. Good luck, Shenandoah. Great to see the corps is still around.
  7. I think the only exception is Prelims until the top 10 or so... Still scratching my head, but Congrats to the Buccaneers...
  8. That's ridiculous... going from a 95.95 and third to 97.55 and leaping both MBI and Cabs... wow. Wasn't there but that's a heck of a jump.
  9. Never said a thing against the parades, Sean, in terms of being able to play in front of thousands of people. I did it for 8 years with BMR and unfortunately, and slightly regrettably, never had the opportunity with Shenandoah at that time. It's great for outreach, potential membership, and financial stability, no doubt. However, the haul that gets put into those parades and such has to sap a lot of energy from membership. Not just the percussion who are probably hacking 99% of the parade, but the Hornline (especially the Tuba/Contras) and the guard, as well. A labor of love, for an activity we all enjoy. To have the good, there must be some hardship. Shenandoah has learned that in spades. Hopefully some fellow instructors I performed alongside and marched under will see that one day.
  10. Yep, HIGH NOON deadline on Juniata Street in Havre de Grace or else you are up the creek and no paddle around. And the end of the parade is a hike and a half away as well from the start/staging areas. Only possible redeeming quality, aside from the shade and you finish near the bay, is that if you have a place to drop your gear then you can enjoy a more relaxing stroll back to your meeting place. If not, then good luck there.
  11. Dundalk is the longest and slowest with the 2 stops at review booths. Then you have Towson which sucks because you go Up a hill and then DOWN a hill (after making sharp right turn which puts the buses 1/2 of the Parade distance away give or take), never did Arbutus or Bel Air and then Catonsville is in full open straight out pitch blacktop with the sun at your 5 o'clock high that can sap everything you have left. Of course, then you get to Havre De Grace a day later (or whenever) which is a hurry up and wait fest on flat ground (once you get on the parade route as the one staging area is a hill) The only redeeming quality of that parade and Dundalk somewhat is 85% of the route is in shade of some sort.
  12. Condolences to your family as you go through this endeavor. I, as well, am contemplating going back to DCA. Maybe not with Bucs, as I am aware of my physical and playing limitations. However, I have been thinking elsewhere should my own work schedule finally open me back to the field. Coincidentally, I am also a percussionist. It is my hope that you make your corps of heart. But should you be turned away, that you look at other corps around the Philadelphia and other locales who would also be happy to have you as well.
  13. Glad to hear! Hope to see them back out there.
  14. Percussion827

    Great Article

    Nevermind, my opinions will negatively affect the corps indirectly...
  15. Percussion827

    Robert W. Smith to Write for Shenandoah Sound

    Great news Shenandoah!