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  1. This order is (currently) only through the end of March, but were this to still be in effect in June, it would certainly affect DCI West at Stanford. Moratorium on Mass Gatherings of 1,000 or more persons in Santa Clara County: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6802189-2020-03-09-Santa-Clara-County-Order-Banning-Mass.html
  2. Saw it at Stanford. Every Tuba has a wireless mic package. Sounded nice. Beats the heck out of synthesized goo.
  3. As for the drill, it was not a tall grandstand. Could see the potential. There are some spots where the forms bunched up a bit. Saw one melo or trumpet almost go down, and at the speed they were moving, there would have been 4 others that might have been taken out. Plenty of time to clean it up.
  4. Saw their dress rehearsal in Reno tonight. It's a nice stop for the drum corps fans in northern Nevada. They are much more solid then they were at this time of year than the last time they came through in 2015. The biggest head scratcher for me is the 8 shotgun mics they have set up at the front of the field. 10-12 feet off the ground. Soloist is on a wireless mic. So they are basically amplifying the entire marching unit. It was obvious when suddenly we heard the snare feature through the speaker stack. Are the acoustics so bad in the oil can that corps now consider mixing the entir
  5. Was at their dress rehearsal in Reno tonight. They do have 9 snares throughout their warm-up, but pulled one out for the show. If he's new, it makes better sense to me. As a big fan of the 1999 show, the show this year makes many nice call backs to pieces of that show. I like a good, agressive show like what they put on the field. The subwoofer is a bit too strong, but I am hopeful that will work itself out.
  6. On a hunch, I checked my UPS account that provides notification on inbound shipments and I have an item coming from DCI (label created today) that would seem to be the right size for the discs. It's also the only pending order I have with DCI. Now I just have to wait for UPS to make it to the western states. Those closer to DCI HQ might see them early next week. Thanks to DCI for doing the difficult work to see this through to a final product.
  7. Just checked the DCI Store. It seems that they have quietly launched a sale on all physical media. Looks to be about 15% off on all CD's, DVD's and Blu-Rays from 2014 through the Legacy Collection. Not their best sale ever, but the words that caught my attention in the banner ad (once you get to the DC Store) was the phrase, "While Supplies Last." This combined with the previous quote from Music for All on the discontinuation of their DVD product is causing me to consider an investment to complete my library.
  8. It is Dorma to a strong degree and I'm more familiar with 2012 at the moment.
  9. No, not another one of THOSE threads. Caught the nw Mission Impossible movie today. There's a big set piece in the first third of the movie that takes place at the Vienna Opera. Featuring a performance of Turandot. Even at my age (40's), I had only heard the Regiment version. And after hearing a fair version of the operatic version, I could not be more pleased to be a fan of Phantom's. The theme was reprised in different parts of the movie, and I kept flashing on Phantom. For a drum corps fan, that's a good thing.
  10. Saw with my own eyes they had both DVD's and Blu Rays for sale in San Antonio. They had a drawer full of them when they got my CD's I got excited at San Antonio as DCI was running their video boombox of past shows. I asked the guy at the register if they were selling videos that day and he said no. They might have been in their road case with the CD's (which were for sale), but they were not for sale when I asked. Individual corps were still selling their own video products (if they produce them), but not DCI. I've been looking to eBay to help fill in some of my Legacy Collection holes,
  11. Here’s a long one. Background: I’ve been a fan of the activity since I saw the PBS broadcast of the 1987 finals while still in high school. I was the drum major of my band, but was a sax player and I did not see a transition to brass in my future, so personal participation never occurred. But I remained a fan and have attended (at least) one live show every year since the mid 90’s including the Finals in 2007. Being based in the west, my annual show of choice is Stanford, so those views are typically early season. I’m now a band dad and I’m that guy that inflicts drum corps video on anyon
  12. I spoke to the office today regarding an order that I was combining with the 2013 products and it was mentioned that they expected delivery of the CD's in the office this week and they may start shipping out by Friday. I wasn't looking for that news, but was pleased to hear it.
  13. It seems the great level of local attention, comments and other blowback caused the paper to remove the editorial from their website this morning. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. As soon as this occured, I recalled other threads here that brought up conflicts that occur between music programs and other users of facilities. While I wish the article was never written, I was glad I could share it with others in the business.
  14. Wasn't a letter to the editor but an editorial authored by the paper's Editor in Chief.