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  1. Went to an ensemble rehearsal near my house last night. It's very weird when there's a rep done "air only" but you hear the hornline and the stands are shaking from the base.... then you realize it from the keyboard player.
  2. Hawkers are "get your peanuts here!" guys that walk through the stands. They don't accept cash. I'm sure that corps will be happy to take whatever you want to give.
  3. Take MARTA. Train exit is right by the stadium. I'll edit my post to say there are lots of FREE parking lots at MARTA train stops outside of downtown that will eliminate a lot of stress. Easiest MARTA stop to exit is the "Stadium (Dome) / GWCC / State Farm Arena (Philips Arena) / CNN Center" station.... yes that's 1 station name. You can also exit at Vine City station but this is not as direct access to the pedestrian areas as the other station. Both of these stations are on the Blue / Green train lines and trains run every 20 mins on the weekend. https://www.itsmarta.com/
  4. Atlanta area housing sites: Academy - Social Circle HS Blue Devils - Chattahoochee HS Blue Knights - McEachern HS Blue Stars - Gilmer Co HS Bluecoats - Flowery Branch HS Boston Crusaders - Starrs Mill HS Cadets - Strong Rock Christian Crown - Kell HS Cascades - South Cobb HS Cavaliers - River Ridge HS Colts - Hampton HS Crossmen - North Cobb HS Genesis - Villa Rica HS Jersey Surf - Villa Rica MS Madison Scouts - Rockdale County HS Mandarins - Alpharetta HS Music City - Langston Hughes HS Pac Crest - Wheeler HS Phantom Regiment - Pope HS SCV - Sandy C
  5. It being relatively easy to predict a final placement/score at the beginning of the season is a dumb aspect of DCI. Year after year.
  6. $50 a month for loan commercials and now no audio at a music event.
  7. Not trying to be unhelpful. I believe there's been 50ish events in the stadium over the past year.
  8. The turnstiles/scanners are automated and your tickets will not scan more than once. I would not bet on being able to leave. There is an outside fenced in area where you can get fresh air or whatever without exiting the turnstiles.
  9. $45 (including TM fees) for the cheapest seats in the stadium. sheesh.
  10. In my non-law-school-educated opinion, this is a huge overreaction.
  11. OP have you ever seen this happen? I've never heard of corps rotating in the parking lots. I've never seen once where anyone on DCP complained that there was no parking at a venue. You cite the Cavaliers who have typically had one of the largest rolling fleets in the activity. I doubt that very many, if any, other corps have the number of vehicles they do. There ARE timing penalties and they ARE enforced. If my memory is correct it's 17 or 18 minutes per corps (ie. 5ish minutes setup). Corps have a gate time and a show time. They're required to meet both. Do you honestly believe the n