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    1985 Star of Indiana, 2004 Star Alumni, 2005 Syracuse Brigadiers, 2004-2006 Skyliner Alumni, 2006-2007 Renegades. No longer slumming anywhere.
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    The Island of Misfit Musician Cadets
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    to watch: 1991 Star of Indiana to march: 1985 Star @ Bloomington/Normal IL
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    1985 - you can't know what a junior corps mentality is if ya didn't march with one!!! :rolleyes:
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  1. That's surprising - Philip Glass is still alive and well last I heard, I can't imagine why his family would be controlling the rights to his music while he is still alive.
  2. Corps do not write in bad releases Ed. Anytime someone hangs over the end of a note in ensemble playing it is a bad release. This is brass tech 101. Anyone who has ever played in a decent line would know that. If a soloist has a part that is written for them that is different than the ensemble and it just sounds like someone blowing a release, that is just poor arranging.
  3. Nah, he was a real musician. He wouldn't have bothered. And he was a real dick, if some hack would have pulled that kind of "embellishment" in his big band, he would have fired them on the spot.
  4. Some of us are actually musicians Ed and we know better.
  5. I am taking a similar drug called Soriatane for psoriasis. It makes my lips very dry and chapped - I've been taking the drug for close to 2 months and that particular side effect is not going away. I play trombone, but I'm not in a situation where I have to play everyday which is good because my lower lip is in pretty bad shape. I don't think I could do drum corps with my lips this bad. Additionally, that class of drug makes one very photosensitive - was his doctor aware that he would be spending as much time in the sun as he will be? He needs to make sure that he is putting on lots of su
  6. I think I have up to '97 with the legacy dvd set - I'll have to check it out. I got stuck in the early 90s and never finished watching the series.