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  1. I'm struggling to see why this even needs to be bought up. We're all the same in DC whether we're straight or not. I've never been in a corps/band where a quote "queer" member has been given harsh treatment or made to feel any different to the next member. If anything this just singles them out. Just my opinion.
  2. Yeah, I'd love to see them doing southern jazz... but thats just a pipe dream. I'll just have to listen to the SOA back catalogue for that.
  3. Times are a changing! I miss the old Madison. I wonder what the F to M ratio will be. One thing is for sure... a corps of that history should not be sitting in 17th+
  4. Looks like they've finally broken the spiralling scores since 2012. Hopefully this is the start of the return for Phantom 🙂 2012 - 96.550 - 3rd 2013 - 93.250 - 6th 2014 - 91.425 - 7th 2015 - 90.325 - 7th 2016 - 89.963 - 8th 2017 - 88.125 - 9th 2018 - 86.950 - 11th 2019 - 87.375 - 11th So far
  5. Certainly one of the top point gainers from first show to today... 4th (behind Coats, BD and Crown)
  6. Spirit finals prediction? Will they make finals? Who will they beat? My heart wants them to make finals, but not at the expense of Phantom. Will be an interesting few days 🙂
  7. OK then... 2019 PR predictions? I'm going with 11th at finals.
  8. Go and seek out Spirit 70s and 80s. 1990 is also a very special year. You're in for a treat.
  9. Great topic of discussion. I am a huge fan of 80's and 90's drum corps. The main thing about those shows compared to now is indeed the lack of emotion in the musical scores, and that a tune is rarely given more than 6 bars before moving onto the next musical phrase. As an example... Star of Indiana got it perfect... they played a whole tune, were technical when required, but simple when it needed to be, very emotional and fantastic visually. One tune that stood out for me this year was Spirits ballad. They did a great job and shows it can be done.
  10. Nice to see Cavvies and Cadets have their identifiable sound still