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  1. Here's all the ones I've seen from last year that aren't back this year: Daphne AL Dover DE Kent OH Evansville IN Boise ID Renton WA Tri-Cities WA Camas WA Normal IL (O) White Lake MI (O) Sun Prairie WI (O) Corpus Christi TX Union City CA (O) Lawton OK Memphis TN Contrast that with only 9 new events: Western MI Dixon IL (O) Dover PA (O) Fairfield CT (O) Monroe LA Tomball TX Wichita Falls TX Syracuse NY Richmond VA (O)
  2. For now. It's become custom for DCI to just use the previous season's templates for the initial schedule rollout and update venues as the season gets closer.
  3. It's definitely off. It didn't show Troopers at their own home show in WY when I looked. On first glance, schedule definitely looks smaller overall and like a block of swiss cheese- lots of holes/TBDs. Not a single Pacific NW show, for instance. On the plus side, looks like there might be a return to NY with an event in/near Syracuse.
  4. Schedule is live! https://www.dci.org/events?limit=10&viewMode=list&sort=startDate
  5. That's my guess as well. DCI has been taking an "If it ain't broke don't fix it" approach for the last several years.
  6. If and when this actually gets done, that stadium would be about 15 minutes away from my house. Great location, right next to a Metra station and tons of parking.
  7. I know a guy they can talk to if they want a giant sundial. 😄
  8. Meaning he's paying for the green donuts out of his own pocket? 😄
  9. I don't think that hat has been removed from its owner's head in at least 20 years. 😆
  10. What would even make you think that's an appropriate thing to say here???
  11. For the attorney, if he's doing stuff that's illegal or unethical, it's certainly feasible to submit a complaint to their local state bar association for review. Wonder if anyone's thought to do that yet?
  12. And yet that's somehow seen as a bad thing by some people...
  13. Short version from what I read is that a guard staff member threatened to "dead-name" a non-binary guard member (ie refer to them by their former name) on a couple occasions during a rehearsal as punishment for mistakes the member had made. The member tried to address this with the guard caption head and corps director, who seemed to be pretty dismissive of the whole incident. The member ultimately left the corps during the season. As for context, dead-naming is considered extremely impolite when you're addressing trans/non-binary people- or really anybody who's changed their name at some point in their life. Just like you shouldn't call a married woman by their maiden name (unless you're saying "nee", "formerly" or something similar), it's generally not good etiquette to refer to a trans/NB person by a former name either.
  14. So who had the idea to have a show in Delaware and NOT schedule Crossmen to be there? I know they've been based out of Texas for several years now but you'd think that would be a no-brainer based on their history.
  15. I remember coming across this video a year or two ago and really liking it. Great energy and the vocalist absolutely kills it!
  16. Next year's Rose Bowl parade is also being cancelled: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-15/the-2021-rose-parade-is-canceled-blame-the-coronavirus
  17. How the heck has nobody said George Hopkins yet? 😝
  18. Nice to see the town I was born in get a drum corps!
  19. I'm riffing on the "January lasted forever this year" meme.
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