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    1989, 1995, 2004 and 2005
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  1. Forte is not Memphis Sound; that 'plan' was fortunately ditched a long time ago. DCI, as misguided as they can sometimes be, would not allow a corps to simply change names and re-emerge to avoid their debts. Forte is a new corps, under a new umbrella organization, that had to be approved by DCI - as a new corps. As for being offended... the only offensive thing I have seen so far, is referring to Memphis Sound as Forte. Memphis had it's problems, obviously, but no other corps will ever be Memphis Sound. Wow, my first post in over 2 years... time flies when you no longer have camps or tour to look forward to. :)
  2. How hot is hot enough and how cold is cold enough; do they really even know? Not to take anything away from the great support staff and volunteers, but most likely the answer is no. Like shaq9195 mentioned, ServSafe offers some great programs, it is governed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and their certification is good for 5 years. I had to take their management food safety class for work and it was a definite eye-opener. It teaches everything from sanitation to proper food preparation/storage and how to notice/prevent many of the most common food borne illnesses. I don't know if they have a specific class offered on catering/off-site food preparation, but my class did cover it briefly. Would it be feasible for DCI to hire an instructor/proctor through ServSafe and offer a 2-day certification class to all corps volunteer/food coordinators during it's annual meetings?
  3. Music City on - first show hitters but good volume from a small hornline. battery joins front ensemble for 4mallet work in ballad.
  4. DCP-I User ID: RVRegiment Corps Name: River Valley Regiment Corps Division: World Corps Location: Van Buren, AR
  5. Wow - thank you for whoever nominated RVR! I would have just been happy with a nomination for Rookie, but Corps AND Show of the year as well....completely unexpected, but a huge honor nonetheless. Even with it being my first season, I tried hard to put in as much effort as some of the veteran directors - with a uniform, show idea, poster, etc. - so I really do appreciate whoever it was that noticed enough to nominate RVR. -Chris, Director River Valley Regiment
  6. I guess I'll throw RVR's out there, incase anyone missed the announcement: River Valley Regiment (Div. I Bronze Medalist, Rookie Season) - "Dream: The Music of Clint Mansell" Repertoire: Opener - "Lux Aeterna", Ballad - "Together We Will Live Forever", Closer - "Aftermath", "πr^2" (Percussion Feature), "Death Is The Road To Awe" The 2008 show poster, accomplishments, schedule/results and more can be found on the corps' member page:
  7. First off, a huge congratulations to Velour Knights!! River Valley Regiment, albeit unexpected, is extremely happy with their 3rd place finish at finals. It looks like the corps started peaking at just the right time after a very slow start to the beginning of the summer. The updates on our part were few and far between, but I want to thank everyone for making our first year in DCP-I an enjoyable, and nerve racking, one! The competition was very close and we feel honored to have made finals, let alone to have medaled. Until our official website is in place for next season, we have included all of our inaugural season information on our member page here: We look forward to being involved with DCP-I for many seasons to come and can not wait until next year, which will hopefully bring another strong program from RVR as well as a new cadet corps. Thanks again and congratulations to everyone!
  8. It would appear River Valley Regiment is peaking at just the right time, having medaled at their last 6 consecutive shows - Gold (3), Silver (2), Bronze (1) - with the biggest surprise being tonight's 2nd place finish in Allentown. With only 3 total Top 3 finishes prior to July 28th, we can only hope the recent success will stay with us into finals week. Win or lose, we are very happy with how our inaugural season is wrapping up.
  9. Sweet. Of course based on the corps that performed tonight we expected our score to either go down or stay about the same, so I guess it helps we were at a small show cause we would have been destroyed in Hershey. haha Fingers crossed for a high scoring day 2 in Allentown!
  10. I think a live retreat would be awesome. Of course RVR might not even make finals... but I'd still like to watch as a spectator as well.
  11. That about sums up my changes today as well. lol Fingers crossed...
  12. The video was getting jumpy for about a minute, but other than that video and audio is working fine on my end.