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  1. Nevermind to late for giving the scores :p Congrats to all the corps for a great season !
  2. Thanks to both for the score update ! Can't wait to see the shows friday !
  3. Nobody's there ? The show as already begun ! I guess I'll have to wait for the live webcast of semifinals and skip work friday morning...
  4. Hi ! Quick question to everyone ! Is tonight's show on the fan network ? Wasn't it there last year ? If not, is there anyone there that can give us a live review ? Can't wait to see or at least read about the show ! A good week of drumcorps to everyone ! Sam
  5. Wasn't that Racine's score ? But hey ! If it is I don't mind, that would be a 4,7 points jump ! Nothing against that !
  6. Still no scores on dci.org.... almost half the corps must have been on by now !
  7. Stentors score anyone ? I want to know if they broke the 70 ! Sam Stentors 2004-2008
  8. Hi ! I rarely post on here even though I often read, but since we're talking about my corps I'll make a quick appearance. Les Stentors are going great and building up on last year success. In fact, as I write this I'm totaly exhausted coming home from a great three day camp (The corps took advantage of the spring break to start the camps earlier than usual friday). It's my fifth year with the corps and I've rarely seen the corps working so hard ! The hornline finished learning the music to the show this weekend (Of course, lots of cleaning must still be done). For your information, this year's show is based on the music from "Sinbad: the legend of the seven seas". I simply love that music and this soundtrack simply screams drumcorps ! If anyone wants to improve their french, we still have some openings ! Good luck to everyone for the upcoming season ! A special good luck to everyone else on the northside of the border ! Sam Stentors 2008 Mellophone 2007 Lead soprano 2006 Soprano, Mellophone... (Exhibition corps) 2005 Soprano 2004 Soprano
  9. Go where you want, and feel you'll like, distance is probably a factor that helps crown for you. Plus, it keeps the fees down (transport or almost for camps). And, if you don't make it, you are not hopeless there are plenty of corps especially div 3 that are always searching for brass players even sometimes up to MAY ... Plus, talking as a 15-year-old guy that will soon start is third year of drumcorps(will turn 16 in 2006 summer), you will surely love it. And remember the size of a corps does not necessarely matter. I marched last summer in 35 person corps and absolutely loved it, the family atmosphere was like nowhere else. Plus, sometimes if you are in a smaller and more local corps tour can be a little shorter and will probably reassure your parents. At least I know it did for mine. Finally, I must say I probably not the best to give advice on that since where I live (Québec) , there is only one corps in the whole province. So I didn't really chose my corps. If you speak french or would like to learn there are openings in all section at my corps (Stentors). But, it is probably to far away for you... Sam
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