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  1. The caption awards need to be just for Finals night as Finals IS what matters. I have never been a fan of averaging the scores over the three nights for caption awards. I will never understand why it was changed in the first place.
  2. Nope, I enjoyed almost all the shows I saw live in San Antonio a couple weeks ago. I still love drum corps despite all the changes. Have I liked all the changes? No, but then again, I do not like all the changes in the NFL either. As far as drum corps dying? Well, they have been saying that since the 80's. DCI said attendance figures from last year broke all records (DCI has not released this years attendance info yet). There are more World Class drum corps now than there were 5 years ago. It is hard to see some favorites like Madison and Phantom struggle, but other corps such as Mandarins and Pacific Crest have either joined the party or are getting close. These are exciting times!
  3. Congratulations to the Concord Blue Devils for beating the Bluecoats (by a tiny margin) for the first in 2019. The spread had been getting smaller each time they competed and now, poof it is gone! It is not over, but if things keep going like they have, BD should start building their own gap between them and the field as they clean up the many messy parts of their show that still exist as well as finally adding the ending! Go BD, SCV and Mandarins! This born and bread CA man is getting excited for BD to win DCI World Class Finals Championship title #19!
  4. Just got back from the show. The scores were all over the place, but the fact remains that BD again closed the gap with Bloo to .2 and BD is still dirty. I want to congratulate Bloo for staying undefeated tonight, but I can almost guarantee you that by the next show BD will leap frog them and not look back. The biggest surprise for me was Blue Stars. They have a show that is not only terrific, but fun as heck to watch. My biggest disappointment was SCV. I felt their show was too esoteric and also a bit boring at times.
  5. I suppose the current tour schedule works for many people. I flew to Indy from my home in California this year to attend Finals for the first time since Finals were in Pasadena. I am happy that DCI got a great deal to rent Lucas Oil Stadium, but that place is awful. First, the parking situation is horrible, as the corps busses/trucks use all of the parking lot space that would normally be available for fans to park in. If you choose, to take public transit, well good luck, you will be on a bus, as they have no subway or light rail. If you choose to take Uber I hope you can find one available. I wanted to just go from my hotel to dinner, but I was 40 minutes late for my reservation because my Uber driver got lost. I would advise you rent a car. It will cost you at least 25 dollars, and good luck finding it when you want to leave, because you have parked in a field where there are NO lights. Thank goodness my rental had a powerful battery in it's key, otherwise I might not have been able to locate my car until sunrise! DCI could also careless about the handicapped or seniors. Why else would you only be able to enter LOS at one side of the stadium? My 80 year old mom had to walk around 1/2 of LOS so she could enter at the one area available. Also. since they only had this one area to enter, there were people jammed together at the entrance, because it is also the same area that they put the souvie booths. It literally took us more than an hour to get to our seats once we got into the stadium. We arrived 45 minutes early! By the time we sat down the Crossmen were about to start their show. I paid for the best seats available, and I was happy sitting around the 20 yard line very high up. The stadium itself does not have a lot of great seats for a drum corps show. The acoustics were what I expected, but nothing is better than drum corps in an open air venue IMHO. I did enjoy the show once we were finally seated, but getting to our seats was way more difficult than it should have been. I also cannot understand why they did not have ALL the elevators working for the show. I think the people in charge of LOS think because the stadium is only partially filled that they can cut corners. The people in charge of Lucas Oil Stadium and DCI need to keep people with disabilities and seniors in mind going forward, because it should not be such a hassle just to get to your seat to enjoy the shows. I am glad that we were there to witness SCV win their first title in years! Also, I must give my love to BAC. They keep getting better every year, and in 2018 they had my favorite World Class production!
  6. Of course as a guard person the visual is so important to me. I think the visual and music are equally important. The bottom line though is that I want to be entertained.
  7. I just do not think you should have to study a story to understand a show. The show itself should tell the story for the audience, but I thank you for your advice.
  8. It is hard for me to connect to this show via Flomarching, but I know come August this show will have changed so much. With all the talent SCV has this year, I think this show could end up being wonderful. I have decided to not watch anymore shows until I see all the completed shows in Indy this year! I have seen all the corps now via Flomarching, so it will be great to see how much SCV's show (and everyone else) has evolved from what I have seen this first week.
  9. I am so excited for the Mandarins. I wish my beloved Freelancers were still around, but at least another corps from Sacramento has a great chance to not only make Finals, but could even end up in 10th. The corps from Cali are awesome this year! Congratulations on SCV beating BD for the first time in many years! Congratulations to the Blue Devils for winning last night in Sacramento. I predicted in the prediction thread that BD would lose some shows in CA this year. Anyway, Go BD, SCV and Mandarins! Three corps from California will make Finals this year!
  10. My favorite show was BlueCoats tonight. I liked their music the best as well as their overall entertainment factor.
  11. I will say indoors is a lot different in that the audience is much closer to the action. When I am sitting outside halfway up the stands on the 50, I cannot see the corps members expressions. The head gear just looks better for summer, but like I posted earlier, if this is a change that is permanent I will just have to adjust.
  12. I used to try and understand how people could not like some of BD's shows. I then realized it has nothing to do with what they put on the field for many people. A lot of people just hate them because they have won so much. I grew up 15 minutes from Concord so I have loved BD and SCV since I was 5 years old. I realized I had the opposite issue of the people who hate some of BD's best shows. I would say I loved all of BD's shows. Did I really love Re-Rite of Spring? I said I did, but it is not a show I ever choose to watch now. I could watch the shows I really love over and over! Now, I am honest with myself. I can always find something to like about any show, but when it comes to SCV and BD I am just never going to be objective. I am a fanboy or actually a fanman!
  13. I just do not think it is inhumane to make the corps wear aussies or shakos. I get that the no head gear thing is supposed to give the members more of a chance to connect with the audience. I think this is a crappy excuse, because they should have a horn in their face more then not (I guess all the corps do have a lot more time when their faces are exposed now that there seems to be less horn playing) IMHO. I think no head gear looks less appealing from the stands. It also makes the drill look not as crisp. The pop of color you get with an aussie and feathers or shako and plume is a huge loss when I watch these corps that have doffed their head gear. I am hoping this new lack of "hats" is just a faze, but if not, I will just have to adjust as I have had to do regarding many changes in drum corps over the years.
  14. I prefer looks with head gear as I not only like the pop of color, I think it makes the drill look better from the stands. It is what it is. It broke my heart to see SCV without their Aussies last year, but I got over it.
  15. 1. Blue Devils 2. Santa Clara Vanguard (I do think SCV will beat BD a few times in the first few shows in California which has not happened in a very long time.) 3. BlueCoats 4. Carolina Crown 5. Boston Crusaders 6. Cavaliers 7. Phantom Regiment 8. Blue Knights 9. Cadets 10. Blue Stars 11. Madison Scouts 12. Mandarins 13. Crossmen 14. Academy 15. The Colts