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  1. I love the idea of all those Great Alumni Corps doing this show. Many of these when competitive , were frequents to the area, and a show like this just might re-ignite the interest in the marching entertainment business. I appreciate the sugestions, and will make an effort to bring this suggestion to the lions club and perhaps other orginaizations of their type, to try and continue this tradition in the North East!
  2. Thats a great idea in theory, but as I'm sure you are aware there isn't so much as a hint of competetive corps left in the area. Not even within a hundred mile radious. On the other hand, they might have success with a Local Band Compitition. That would keep costs down, but I'm not sure how much of a draw it would be
  3. This is Sad News for certain. The Lions Club and the community they served can not afford to lose this show, and yet can not afford to continue to put it on. To Many Shows from our area have gone, and Far Too Many Corps Jerry
  4. Sadly another long running show in the East is disappearing forever. http://poststar.com/news/local/final-beat-after-more-than-years-area-says-goodbye-to/article_59780ce0-6124-11e2-811c-001a4bcf887a.html
  5. Its true that the Purple Lancers were the Only DCI Finalist, however I would say that the Squires and Avant Garde had the better run in terms DCI membership
  6. Keith, Thanks for ALWAYs trying to keep the Historical part of DCP Historical!! I totally understand and respect your decision. I am just surprised that it took this long =) Keep Marking Time My friend.
  7. The big difference that I see now is that the talent levels are superior to when we marched Keith. Thats not to say that our corps, didn't have talent, just that the kids today in todays corps, could easliy slide into any spot that we had back then IMO. I recently found out that Fleetwood recording were putting out those old classic recordings that we all loved so much. I had lost all of the drum corp records that I had bought through-out my years with Drum Corps, so I decided to re-order one of my favorite Shows, 1969 World Open,, and while it brought beck some great memories, I was taken back by the lack of musicianship and quality, (Though, back then it was the finest in the land). Better training in all phases, and not just with the corps member, but the staffs are more innovative and educated, not just a great gathering of well meaning volunteers and alumni.
  8. Yup, Looks like the Classics. Northeastern Circut Corp. (IMO)
  9. No Mike,,I wasn't speaking of this instant. No need to apologize. I take it in the spirit with which you give it. I know theres never any Malice behind it.
  10. Realyoldfrt, I never understood why people with the most to say, have the most to hide =) If he really has a LOT of experience in D&B, why wouldn't he want everyone to know? It would give so much more weight to his,,,arguments?
  11. I appreciate your point of view Mike. Its always presented with a tone of respect, weather you agree or not with who you are responding to,,though you might add a touch of sarcasim, its still done with respect. Makes your point that much more respected itself.
  12. Tell me, do you actually ever have anything constructive to say, or do you just enjoy taking Jabs at people, because I honestly don't see your point. Your opinion realy doesn't carry any weight with me, because A: You show no respect and B: you make very little sense to whats being talked about. You just keep trying to drive some tired point home. I Get it, ok! You DON'T LIKE DRUM CORP from my days and we should all just dry up and blow away, so please go to the current DCI discusions and impress them with your knowledge. I could care less.
  13. But my point is you could just JOIN a drum corps back then (for the most part) but you can't just JOIN a band of today, right? it doesn't matter how many of them there are, you still need to be in that school or district. I'll admit, not every school will be cutting their band programs, but given the economy, their will be more and more still that may consider it. Still even at 4000, they are an exclusive club that you can only be in if you belong there. So the kids that could march and want to march have to take their chances with what drum corps are left and openings are rare, even at OC
  14. Yeah,,,we did the "Up and arms" thing. LOL, but the final result was the same. When I was in, back in the early 60's and 70s i did travel, up to 60 miles one way, but that was because my town had lost most of their competitive corps and I still had marching to do. Still, there were many corps in the area and all of them would make room. Bands don't have that flexability do they? If you don't belong to their districts, your just as much out of luck, right? I have mentioned DCA to him at this point where we are located there are no competitive JR. WC or OC. I realize there are MANY bands, but unless you attend those schools, they are just as exclusive as WC I would say. Thanks Mike
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