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  1. During PASIC last year, there was a seminar on health and wellness for percussionists...they addressed a lot of wrist/hand problems and also addressed some back issues. I had stress fractures to me 6th and 7th thoracic vertebrae due to marching tenors my freshman year in high school when I was still a small framed person (I'm female). I didn't find out that my discomfort was due to those fractures until my senior year when I went to the chiropractor and had x-rays. The fractures had already healed but I was still having some discomfort. My chiropractor recommended certain back strengthenin
  2. we don't use stands , ever . the tenors don't even use stands. You all don't even use stands when learning music? that's interesting...I understand the concept of physical stamina and all that jazz...but that blows my mind that you all never use stands.
  3. I have had an all female bass section at the high school line that I teach for the past 3 years. We had some problems with our feeder middle school in regards to percussionists so I had to enlist the help of woodwind players to carry our bassline. They're freaking PHENOMENAL. The little girl who's marching #5 this year is a HAUSS...even though she's only 5'4 and about 110lbs. I say "YOU GO GIRL"...carry that bass drum proud. And hopefully your Caption Head appreciates the virtue of bass drum stands.
  4. a-go-go bells. nothing like a little groove.
  5. Mystique was great this weekend at SCGC championships...I'd look out for them. I think that Pariah from Ga is going to WGI now too...they're playing well also.