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    The Cadets 2019

    Agree with that 1000%.
  2. Includung the Skyliners traffic jam, if memory serves. Of course he also did the great Garfield theme shows of 71 and 72, plus the 1970 Peace Sign drill to "White Rabbit".
  3. I am only going from what I read, but somebody familiar with the film wrote in another forum that in the film, a gang of armed protesters surrounded one...or some...police pointing their guns, but then they backed away and did some sort of peaceful bonding thing along with the police officers they had surrounded.
  4. 1) There were also many corps pre-DCI that were not able to manage to budgets, due to the very shoe-string nature of the activity. Corps failed all the time through the 50's and 60's pre-DCI. One difference from later on is that if a corps failed in one place, another sprung up nearby. Once that slowed own, the corps numbers started to decline. 2) There were also many staff members who WERE scholastic music teachers pre-DCI. Many were not, but many were. 3) True 4) Not to mention scholastic-sponsored fund-raising as opposed to a mysterious "outside" activity like drum corps. School budgets are often paying stipends to some staff, just like coaches, but at least around me most of the design and props and stuff is not funded by the district, but by the band parents efforts. Bands with large staffs of techs, etc, also use parent-raised money to pay those people. 5) Yup. Agree.
  5. The band I taught does a mix of parents with kids helping. It really makes a nice feeling of cameraderie and gets parents psyched.
  6. John is actually going to gjve us TWICE our normal salary during the break!
  7. My guess is that for a marching band like Tarpon Springs, a LOT of the show design and operating budget comes from fund-raising by parents/kids, not the public school budget.
  8. Hey! Old phart here who really loved the video! I used to correspond with a parent from Broken Arrow (probably 12-13 years ago now), and I loved what they were doing. His kids had graduated, but he stayed on to help build props and be part of the parent crew because he loved it so much. I would guess TS is as first class an outfit. As for budget, I'm sure it was expensive. I am also sure, without any first hand knowledge, that a band the caliber of TS has it all covered from beginning to end in managing their budget.
  9. I am very happy I taught the band I taught for 24 years. Our parents were ALWAYS positive to the other bands, no matter who the band was. That whole over the top sort of thing is, I am glad to say, alien to us.
  10. Yes, they need to have more tarp on the field. 😎
  11. Loved Tarpon's show. Would love to see them live sometime. I think DCI needs more of this...
  12. Excellent news! The two had quite the rivalry for years with Aungst at Dartmouth and Larrivee with King Philip. Two amazing educators.
  13. The 1991 Prince of Thieves version There was a popular stock chart of the theme, used by a lot of bands. Hopefully none of the others included a live bow and arrow. 😎
  14. Another one from the "Well it seemed like a good idea at the time" department... Back in the 80's I was judging a band contest in Connecticut, and one of the bands opened with the theme from "Robin Hood". They had a band parent wearing a Robin Hood costume stationed in one end zone, and as the show started the parent shot a REAL hunting arrow over the top of the band. I don't know how many muscles the chief judge pulled in trying to race over to the guy to make sure he did not shoot any more....and the band director of the band was blasted by just about everybody.
  15. Where did I, or anyone here, say your opinion is irrelevant? For me, it is dead wrong, but you can hold whatever opinion you wish. You absolutely did lump people together unfairly...in my own opinion...with your snowflake and old timer comments about those who disagree with you. Nothing wrong with bucking the "establishment", whatever that is. This thread is about the use of realistic-looking guns in a scholastic band environment. Whatever the theme is, there are other ways to convey the desired point without that element.
  16. This has nothing to do with the thematic ideas of the show. It is only about the use of realistic-looking firearms on the field, especially in the threatening way they were used in this show. They could have gotten a similar idea across without the guns. The thematic ideas of the show is irrelevant to the discussion. Your attempt to lump people who disagree with you into the same bucket as those who talk about "snowflakes", etc...is in poor taste and totally unfair. Some of us are very modern in our viewpoints, but we realize that in 2018 you just can't bring even toy guns onto the field, especially in a scholastic setting.
  17. There was a lot of unhappiness in 76 the first year they wore the banana unis. I was at their home show in Bayonne, and the comments were pretty bad from some, esp old timers
  18. MikeD

    Caption Awards

    Because. 😎
  19. Great point. I know most did not like the ending change. It did not really bother me, actually. I also think that the audience at a drum corps show is a different animal from a football crowd, so that might make a difference as well. However, I do wonder if that type of visual depiction would fly today. Relentless happens to be one of my favorite shows, either ending.
  20. I had read some of that too. However, it shows why programming that sort of visual moment is just a very bad idea. It is just so very easy to misinterpret things. I've been around 1/2-time shows since 1968 in one form or another. Football crowds are not normally as dialed-in to the band as we might like. They chat with each other, get a snack, hang out, etc...and sometimes take a quick look at the field. They see realistic looking guns being pointed at a police officer and it takes off from there.
  21. That is one reason you would never design a show that includes such a scene with realistic guns aimed at an individual on the ground. They CHOSE to design the show; they did not have to include that moment in the manner they did. dd to it the fact that the person on the ground is a police officer, and two had just been killed, and there is NO good way to spin that.
  22. While the VFW powers-that-be stated publically that we did not deserve to compete in Miami at VFW Nats, the members certainly felt differently. I could not believe the flashbulbs and roar of the crowd when we hit the stands in the Peace Sign, performed to "White Rabbit", by the way.
  23. Hmmmmm....interesting thought. I think, and I need to review the videos I have of both shows, that there was never any time that individual rifles were directly aimed at an individual, though I can't be 100% sure. The only "firearms" in either show were standard drum corps rifles that were not realistic in any event. We did have stylized battle sequences in both shows, for sure.
  24. "Dialogue" between staff and members is not the point. What about the people who come to a game or competition who are not part of any such dialogue. Armed depictions such as this are just never appropriate in this type of setting. You end up with what you have...a large national incident.