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  1. Sad to say that one of the all-time greats of rudimental drumming, Jack Pratt, passed away on 4/6/2020. He and I worked together with the GSC corps the King's Regiment in 1977. I spent many an afternoon at his home in Hawthorne as we put together the percussion show for the corps. He had the most amazing collection of LP's of classical music I ever saw. He also was a collector of old comics before it became a "thing". He had many of the early Superman, Batman, etc...I think his master's thesis was on comic books and the war effort of WWII. Jack was a character, and one of the best people I ever had the honor of knowing.
  2. The MB I taught here in NJ from 1994-2017 did the Apple Blossom parade every four years from the 80's through 2002 or so.
  3. Everybody knows Karen Carpenter as a singer of pop tunes. She was also an excellent drummer.... Karen Carpenter
  4. Very cool. I will have to send the links to my daughter in London. She is a drummer like her dad and grandfather. 3rd generation!
  5. The constant additions also cost them (us) a place in the first DCI finals with their (our) huge 1.8 penalty for overtime...would have been 10th without it. *sigh*
  6. Hhhhmmmmmm.....wondering just how you saw it thrte. 😎 TMI
  7. There is an Ollie's about 15 minutes from me, in Toms River. I have not had the...er...pleasure of going there, but my wife stocked up on some stuff for a project her grand-niece is doing for girl scouts.
  8. I absolutely hate that song. Nothing to do with the Scouts. My main memory is hearing Streisand SCREAM that song a long time ago.
  9. You could almost social distance on that one, sitting one at each end. 😀
  10. First stadium you performed in: With Garfield...JFK In Bridgeport, 1970 Last stadium you performed in: Whitewater, 1972 Best stadium you performed in: Toronto, 1971 Shriner's International Worst stadium you performed in: Maxwell Field, Wildwood, NJ
  11. Not to mention Haggis, if you want the offal truth! I had it in Scotland in 2018; it actually tasted pretty good.
  12. I read that too fast...I thought you said giblet!!! 🙄
  13. I think so...just saw on the news it has been set up with 3,000 beds for non-virus patients to free up the hospitals for the virus patients.
  14. The Javits center in midtown Manhattan is also in process of becoming a hospital.
  15. Is that an image of the Boston Crusader's spring training camp after their final runthrough of Wicked Games before leaving for tour?
  16. If each corps desiring to do this approached a government agency to run the operation, either local or FEMA, then the above would really not be an issue. Similar types of things where companies are loaning trucks and trailers are already being done.
  17. I love that show!!! Watched it years ago when it first came out.
  18. mm155 just above said The Cadets said exactly that to the members on their webinar last week.
  19. Of course people should not ingest anything like that. Nobody should, be it part of the fish cleaner or in pure form. It is a administered by prescription in a defined dose, I think I read one gram(?). Those people decided on their own to blindly ingest poison; it is not the fault of the news articles mentioning the possibility that chloroquine might be of assistance in the fight against the virus. Leaving off the other half of what they took is not "shorthand"; it is inaccurate information.
  20. Mod hat... i have removed a few posts. Per DCP guidelines, personal attacks are not permitted. Also, posting private emails is also not permitted per the guidelines.
  21. See the saga I posted of my son’s temporary posting to the Comfort from his CT station when the ship was sent to Haiti a few years back.
  22. I wish I had seen the revival on Broadway. Supposedly it was VERY different and much darker than the original. I know the wonderful young actor in a wheelchair won a Tony for her role. I saw a couple of numbers on TV that looked great.
  23. Mod hat here.... A series of politically-charged posts and aftermath have been removed. We'll keep reiterating that politics are not permitted on DCP.