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    I marched with Bracken Cavaliers 98-00. LVK 01-04. Reilly Raiders 04. Cincinnati Tradition 05-11. Rochester Crusaders 08-09
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    Madison Scouts,Phantom Regiment, Cadets, Blue Devils, Carolina Crown,Hawthorne Caballeros
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    2008 Phantom Regiment
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    Drum Corp,music,BSA,Civil war

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  1. Jeff my wife and I were just walking thru the flea market and there's a gentleman that sells musical instruments and I saw the case and looked right at her and said That's a g bugle she thought it was a Mellophone when I opened it and saw that it was a two valve k70 I told her I got to buy it. The gentleman I bought it from had no idea what instrument was Nor that it was a bugle. He just looked at me strange when I told him about it.
  2. Thanks ironlips. Sorry Tom that I didn't get a chance to get back with you just been super busy at work.
  3. I picked up a 2 Valve King K-70 Baritone last weekend at a local flea market and was wondering if anyone would know the Corps marking on the case. I figured someone would know either here or the DCI forums. Thx I'm not sure how to add pics to the post sorry.
  4. Cincinnati Tradition Drum and Bugle Corps sends its Deepest Condolences to the Parks and Buccaneers families on this terrible loss. He was a great man and will be missed by all.
  5. Atleast with G-bugles you don't need 84 Hornline members to get a Massive sound 30-60 Bugles will get you the same effect. You go Platinum!!!! G-Bugles all the way..
  6. Keith i have to agree. I do know staff involved with DCI corps. But most of my wife and I's friends are involved in DCA
  7. LOL Keith went really well with everything else Muchachos they played those two years :)
  8. LOL went really well with everything else they played those two years :)
  9. Cincinnati Tradition is ready can't wait to come to Rochester Prelims is going to be amazing. Can't wait. Good luck to all the other Class A Corps O-H-I-O!!!!!!!
  10. You didn't happen to sell the euph yet did you if not could you send me some pics my roommate is looking for a horn pleaase let me know thanks
  11. Please let me know if have not sold the horns yet i will get back to you by Friday after i talk to my Director tomorrow thanks again
  12. 80's Downey 90's Prime All the way 00's Klesch Also Jim Prime was the arranger for Blue Knights this year as well.
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