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  1. Hey, I had fun! The fact I ran in to Bob was a BIG plus! Was great playing catch up with him! This was MY first senior show in a few years, and the fact that it was less than a mile from my in-laws made it an easy stop! (other plans fell through for the weekend, so I made the trip up, and swam most of the day!) Loved seeing others at the show, and enjoyed what I got to see!
  2. And Ruth's cymbals..... My old percussion toys.... A bunch of old McDonald's flags....
  3. Sure they weren't some sort of parade corps start up thing? I mean everyone can't be Spirit, and make top 25 their first year....
  4. Ok. ya learn something new.... Someone put a query on FB: Ok so random question? How many people here have marched for a corps that is no longer around in any way.... So I put where I was, and after a while, I got a notification that someone responded to it.. and I opened it and it was a guy that marched in the California Dons...so I said "Hey you're one of the guys that got our equipment! And he said that in 86 Carolina Crown got it from them! hahahaha! Small world, huh?
  5. I just remember back when I marched that there was a show in Danville either the last weekend of May/first weekend of June that was always an exhibition...just sort of got everyone's first show jitters out of the way, and let you perform in front of a crowd. IIRC, most of the judges were usually there just giving us the once over, and it was just a great night to start the season.
  6. Two Mad Elf's and I think you'll spill your guts on a lot of things!!! (and bring Brenda...once you're out cold, we can exchange pleasantries with her!)
  7. Yeah.... I wasn't aware that the LKO was in town, and I was standing ready to leave with a few friends at a Your Place while someone was hitting the men's room...and bumped into this rather "thick" lady coming in and said "excuse me" she said (with a British-like accent) "no problem, anytime!" and winked at me! I just smiled and kept going....never realized that it was her until after we got into my friends car and saw one of the "LKO" vehicles that one of the local car dealers supplies...and my one friend said "I THINK THAT WAS LAURA DAVIES THAT WINKED AT YOU?!?!?!" And we're pretty sure it was!
  8. I just remember the one year when we got back to Hershey High's parking lot, there was a small pickup truck filled with ice and beer!! I also remember one year (I don't think it was corps related, though) that Laura Davies was flirting with me at Your Place!
  9. Heard it was significant...which was why he "had to sell" but didn't know the amount.... That was in an overheard conversation when I was working with Carlisle... So no display in some case in some "office"? Yeah.... I remember hearing the name way back...but never knew 99% of the judges back in those "daze"
  10. I'd like to know what our Fairfax, VA July 4th parade/exhibition brought in...If anything Hershman probably pulled in a decent amount! I think when we did the Carlisle fireworks, that was just free use of their stadium for an entire day...