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  1. He's been banned from every forum he's ever participated in. Says something about old Howdy.

  2. I'd say "Howdy, Howdy!" but Howdy's been banned! ^_^

  3. "classless cheap shot inaccurate personal attacks. "

    Seriously? You have the nerve to whine about cheap shot and personal attacks?

  4. Howdy! Have a blessed day, Howdy!

  5. The future of Heritage Drum and Bugle Corps at this point in time is uncertain, but perhaps it is better than it has been in a long time.!/group.php?gid=236501631478 We will be holding a feasibility meeting about restarting Heritage Drum and Bugle Corps this fall. OT: The horse trailer was great for puppet shows, as the back doors opened half way up. Only the puppeteers ever entered the horse trailer, never children. The horse trailer was not good for moving sound equipment because it was not fully enclosed and equipment got damaged. Chuches have had a well res
  6. I agree with John, enough with your classless cheap shot inaccurate personal attacks. Thank you John. Jeff they were in poor taste.
  7. Bravo. Dig this, I even have a puppet names Jonathan who has hands that can work the valves of my trumpet. Can you imagine all of the ge points if an entire hornline of puppets did this?
  8. I know what great drumming is, after all I was once in North Star, seen by many in this activity as one of the greatest drumlines in the history of DCI. Knowing what great drumming is is not the same thing as being a great drummer, or being able to properly judge DCI drumlines at the top level. Yes brass and visual is my thing, and in my humble opinion I like to think that I great in those areas (mostly because I had the finest teachers), but in the real world where there are limited finances judging and teaching drummers is something that I have been asked to do. This by no means makes me a w
  9. Being that you are a teacher and all, I think you were trying to say splendiferous. (hate to see you teach parochial kiddies to say the wrong word, but hey that word that you used was also once used wrong in a kiddies book so does that make the wrong usage now the right usage*) Things are going for me much better than I deserve. Better than you know. [That usually happens to those who follow Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover plan] While I no longer am well enough to skateboard or teach/coach skateboarders anymore, from time to time as a past award winning and former
  10. But then the best corps that was in Atlanta on Saturday would have won. :)
  11. I sure did, and I showed my scores to several Spirit of Atlanta Alumni BEFORE the DCI scores were ever announced as proof. I bet most people would believe that I did come up with those scores BEFORE I heard any of the DCI scores. These were ALL MY SCORES based upon watching 26 drumcorps, I was scoring these corps where I thought they should be, I was not trying to guess where the DCI judges might score them. Wow TO Mike, your accusing me of being dishonest really dissapoints me.
  12. You are not kidding...fair warning to all contras marching backwards... yikes!!! ...this is the first time that the words crown is on the field does not mean a good thing...
  13. here are two more negatives those who do not have club level seats should not be allowed on the club level the food on the club level, being that it was the club level, was lousy... where was the roast beef, ham, turkey and mashed potatoEs???
  14. curoius as to how those who actually sent to the Atlanta show think about how I scored the top 3 corps ??? seems that almost everyone that I have talked to think that the Cavies and Cadets were better than the Blue Devils. What so say you???
  15. TO Mike I am so ready to listen to any samples of AA's trumpet playing...but there does not seem to be any anywhere on the web...I know why...