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  1. Agreed. Their marching is not strong this year plus the lack of headgear really negatively impacts form readability (that goes for all corps though). A very cool show though!
  2. Well, I never thought I’d say it about Vanguard, but they lost me. Also, the costumes are the worst thing I’ve seen on a football field. Ugh. The music sounds great though and they’re super clean for June, so that’s pretty awesome at least.
  3. What in the world happened to Cavies’ marching technique?!?
  4. Academy looks really sharp, the uni’s look like something Star of Indiana would wear. The really need shakos though, specially with the capes...the uniform looks incomplete and they look short without having a shako with tall plume
  5. Not a fan of the uniforms, they look cheap and incomplete, and it’s really weird to see them march bicycle step, but props for not using props!
  6. Ugh, of all the corps that should be sticking with a uniform at least resembling something traditional, it really should be Troopers
  7. Also Cascades 2002....I guess that was another era now too. Star and Cascades are the only two corps to have made finals their first year in Division 1/World Class. Academy got close their first year I believe, but so far no one else has done it. I feel honored to share that stat with such a storied corps! Fun fact, we had Star’s old equipment and kitchen trucks that year. You could even see the old Star logo under the paint if you looked close enough.
  8. There's something special about watching the Cadets end their show with the Z-Pull in Allentown, I wish I could have been there in person! After everything that has happened this year, it's such a great way to connect with the best of their history and move past the worst.
  9. ...wait, come back! You need to help the pit get down the hill!
  10. Don't say that until you have tried to arrange housing at the last minute, even just for a second night in the same place. Trust me, it's a nightmare generally. We had to stay an extra night in Allentown last year because of a bus issue and even though we were really fortunate that the school/district allowed us to stay, it was not a simple thing by any means. Also, I think we weren't allowed to use the practice field the next day. Aside from just the housing site availability, it also affects the drive the following night and could create a situation that the drivers are unable to do.
  11. True. 85.5 for Star that year, a little more than a point higher than our (Cascades) 2002 entry into div.1 score of 84.05. Still the only two corps to make finals their first year in Division 1/World Class.