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  1. Hey DCP friends! I posted this in the marketplace but thought I'd also share it here. If you want to hear more music that will get you blood pumping every time you hear it...check out the link below, be a part of making this album a reality! ps Check out our unique incentives for donating!
  2. Hi DCPers! I cannot wait to record our new music! If you enjoyed Resonance and are looking forward to hearing where I take the next album, watch my kickstarter video below. Be an integral part of this next project. We've put together some very fun incentives for helping us reach our goal including the Monette Prana Ajna Bb trumpet used to record "Resonance". We can do this together! Please share, spread the word and donate if you're able! Much love! jP
  3. Hey DCP! It's been a while. Great new look! For those die hard drum corps fans familiar with the work of the late, great Bucky Swan. What are your favorite solos or musical highlights from Bucky's career? Linking is always appreciated! Ciao, Joey
  4. Looking forward to the review Jeff. I hope all is well with your family medical issue. jP
  5. Thank you all for the kind words folks! After we played our last note Sunday, an intense rush of memories came flooding in. I respect you all very much and humbly thank you for the consistent support to this drum corps. Developing our friendships over the years has been incredible. I never thought in 2001 that I would be accepted with such kindness and open arms. It's been an amazing 13 years. I'm proud to have met you all. I wish you happiness and success in future adventures. Please stay in touch with me! Add my new facebook page at the link below and let me know your favorite memory of the weekend. Signing off, Joey
  6. Happy DCA week drum corps fans! I wanted to take a moment to publicly thank the Empire Statesmen organization for (what will be this weekend) 13 seasons of fun, memories, growth and opportunity. I came into the organization in the fall of 2000. Vince Bruni took an interest in me through an introduction from Tom Peashey. My father (Joe Pero Sr.) had been a minion of Mr. B's in the 70's with the Rochester Crusaders, so I'd know about his reputation since I can remember! That first year shifted my life, career and goals. Throughout the years, the Statesmen gave me the opportunity to develop my solo playing and stage style; which I continue to use to this day in my band. The groups reputation for entertainment value was a perfect fit. Looking back, I couldn't have asked for a more appropriate pairing. This weekend, I'll be "suiting up" one last time for Empire's farewell show. I know the rush of memories that will flash through me when we release from that final chord. This weekend may yield a few more hugs and tears than usual, but there's one thing that won't change. The Empire Statesmen's desire to entertain YOU; leaving you exhilarated and humming a familiar tune. People always ask me, "What was the high point"? The Championship in 04? the trip to Europe in 01'? Our run on America's Got Talent? The inauguration? Brigs playing to us in 03' on the field? It was all of it. The tears, the trips, the friendship, failures and victories, watching thousands of fans JUMP to their feet, the pain of loosing Mr. B on DCA weekend 03'. Stories you'd only find in a book. For a bunch of guys in 1983 from Rochester, NY with a vision and a dream - it was all worth it. Sticking with tradition, my motto for the weekend will be:; Play HIGH or go HOME. Much love and we'll see you in Annapolis, MD. Joey
  7. Class act Frank! Thank you for this post. See you in Annapolis!
  8. Coming to you from the pit of Jersey Boys in Las Vegas, I'm right here with you Kevin. Thanks for covering DCI!
  9. The Statesmen were born in 1983 to Entertain the drum corps circuit. Their first win in 1991, was a byproduct of entertaining at a high level. Every championship win since has been based on the same platform. Last night, performing in Lewisburg and seeing the crowd jump to their feet for a standing ovation ( 2 minutes I may add) is what motivates me as a performer in and out of DC. Thank you for all the years of support, comradery and memories! This years group of dedicated members are committed to a season of hard work, to entertain YOU one last time! Respectfully yours,
  10. Hi folks, I am very excited to announce the return of my band with an all new show! If you or anyone you know will be in the Las Vegas area this coming weekend, please help spread the work. You will not be disappointed! We will be playing the beautiful Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' Chandelier Bar this Thursday May the 30th (8:30pm), Friday the 31st and Saturday June 1st (9:30pm). There is NO admission fee! Our all new high energy show will include brand new original that you will hear on my forthcoming sophomore record as well as your favorites from Resonance! Band Members; Michael Joy - Keys/Vox Marcello Falconi - Guitar Jared Camic - Bass/Vox Carl Collison - Drums Joey Pero - Trumpet/Vox Special Guest Artists: Teresa Joy - Violin Zoe Ley - Cello More info on the facebook event page HERE. Thanks and I hope to see you all at DCA in Annapolis, MD! Much love, Joey
  11. Dear friends, I hope this message finds you all well. I want to let you know about a concert I'll be playing in Racine, Wisconsin next week (November 3,4)- I'll be giving a masterclass and performing with the Belle City Brassworks next weekend (Nov. 3rd & 4th). Many thanks to Drum Corps legend Ken Norman for brining me into the fold for this falls festivities! I'll be playing a some great music for the concert including; a spoof off the Masterpiece Theater theme titled "Master Park Theater" craftily arranged by Ken Norman. a Joey Pero original piece titled "Firefly" (also arranged by Norman). Variations on a Neapolitan theme "Napoli" Written by Herman Bellstedt Cole Porter Medley arranged by Ken Norman And... the Drum Corps favorite made famous by the New York Skyliners - "Elks Parade" A truly fantastic organization, the Belle City Brassworks is a performance and educational organization that caters to all ages. Visit the website below for more details and I hope to see you there! Visit the Belle City Brassworks website HERE Much love,
  12. Hello friends of the Edge and Empire Statesmen! Well… we did it! It was an amazing experience that we'll never forget. The way we worked with DCI to pull this off was FUN! The people who saw us were very excited to say the least. DCI is VERY happy with what we did and we will talk about future events soon! What a great 40th for them! Bravo DCI! We brought MUCH needed exposure to DCA and the ALL/AGE movement! With any luck, a lot more DCI members and fans will check out DCA this year! Thank you Gil Silva for your support with this important mission! You are a leader with vision my friend. To DCI: Thank you for your invitation to the Edge and Empire. And for the out of the box thinking when it came to promoting DRUM CORPS at your magnificent championships. The best part of the trip by far for me was the way that 1000s of age outs and DCI fans reacted when they saw the EDGE and then the Empire Statesmen flash mob. People were BLOWN away! When I turned around after Edge of Glory, there were hundreds of current age outs going crazy! It got really crazy when we added the corps in, hundreds more age outs came running over to see what all this was and went wild with us! It was DCI meets DCA up close and personal on the age-out field! I will never forget that moment. Maybe it was just the acceptance of what we do and how we do it by so many young talented drum corps people who are not easily impressed on there last night of DCI ever. But the connection was so there you could FEEL it! Wow I just got goose bumps again just writing about that moment. How fortunate am I to have been there for that! Thanks go out to my team of staff and support people who without them, this mission would have never been possible. You are the best! To the Empire Statesmen members a public: THANK YOU for all that you have done this year to help further this drum corps movement even at the sacrifice of your own group! My admiration for you grows daily! To the Edge members: Wow you are the seals unit of Drum Corps to me. What you can do to engage a crowd at a moment’s notice is just amazing! I would not want to be at the EDGE with anyone else. I am humbled to perform with you. Our future is bright as is drum corps if we have anything to say about it. Thank you all for your interest and support in the Edge and the drum corps movement. More news soon… See you all at the Edge! Check out photos from DCI HERE. Check out footage from one of our many DCI flash mob performances "Like" us on Facebook HERE. visit us on the web at More to come David Bruni