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  1. I second that! If you have NEVER marched corps before, than you better prove that you worth listening to. For most of my years marching I had a DM that was a Vet and was a great leader. But I then I came across someone that had never marched corps... and was in a leadership position. I did my best to listen but almost all the stuff that came out his mouth was silly, pertinacious, and rookie. I guess that's part of Drum Corps that a lot of us had and still have to deal with.
  2. I remember the cymbal girls from '03. OH YEAH!!!!! Hot! ***So hot I had to say it twice***
  3. I remember the cymbal girls from '03. OH YEAH!!!!! Hot!
  4. WTF!?!?! I knew you were never a "peaceful" sleeper at night... but now I know why. "DON'T TOUCH MY TOWEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVi-KtBCes0 I found this Video when I was looking for some drum line on youtube.
  6. Well... If it's JUST that I guess it'll look amazing.... HAHAHA!!!! I joke!
  7. Well... The Malden Diplomats merged with The Malden Ambassador to create East Coast Jazz. So I would say that ECJ is its own corps. I hope for the return of ECJ, if they were to come back I'd make the trip from Colorado to go see the home show... and watch them lose to The Spartans. LOL. I may not have aged out at ECJ, but I'm proud to have been a member of that Corps. All former members of ECJ carry a piece of the corps with them wherever they go… weather it's to another corps, or in the real world. If ECJ is never to return, it will live within us. We'll carry those memories and share t
  8. First off I think that there is more then enough room for all marching activities, I love the marching arts. cool! It's the most annoying thing when you or someone says Drum Corps, and then the whole room goes, "WOW! Like the movie Drum Line?" Then you have to explain, in the most simplest way, that no I actually march Corps and what you see in the movie is Show Band style. There are so many ways that conversation can play out, and each way is annoying has hell if your trying to prove a difference. I'm sure if the movie was about some "Actual Drum Corps" that all the "Historical Black Marchi
  9. I don't think this rule change will affect Div 2/3 much at all, except in the chance where a member got into the corps that they wanted and moves up to Div 1. Other then that, how many Div 2/3 corps do you see marching with more then 110 members... HAHA how many do you see marching more then 90 or 80 members?
  10. If you're using Firefox you may want to think about opening it with IE (Internet Explorer).
  11. WOW!!!!!!!! That gives me goosebumps.... That's Class, and that's a real Hard Core DM!!!! HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey Academy! Forget what everyone says. The Parents and Alums are proud of you and what your doing. Keep doing what The Academy does best, make that crowd stand up. No matter what you place we are always proud of you. Forever Red...