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  1. The reason we havn't posted anything on Drum corps planet has alot to do with the direction this thread has gone. You will just have to wait and see what happens
  2. We are drawing up info on what is going on today. Work is getting in the way. May be posted tonight
  3. Hey thanks for your intrest in the Renegades. We are having a Summit this Sunday to get together and figure out exactly what we are going to do. The corps still exist as to what we are doing remains up in the air. I will post an update with the future of the corps after we get together this Sunday. take care
  4. Wish I could be there to hear it. Do it up Joey!!! Statesmen have a GREAT last show. 7
  5. Hey everyone. i am in my 10th year with the Renegades. Yes I am still involved and working hard to get the corps on great footing for the future. There are some others that are working hard as well and where you can state your opinion if you wish. there are folks that really have worked hard for this corps over the years. All of these negitive commits about a subject most of you know nothing about hurts people. I would like it if you would just e-mail me personally. and let's stop this thread. those of you who gave are efforts props...... Thank You very much it's the drama we can all do without. ( i'm afraid that it is beginning to be alot like the junior corps I marched with) not being mean spirited here
  6. Hey all please give what you can. this is a great uniform and a great corps.
  7. Thanks for all the positive vibes!!!!!! Let's keep it at that 7
  8. Renegades will be dedicating our Chinese New Year parade performance to Pooh. Come on out and lets all have a shot in his honor. oh and play loud!!! 7