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  1. The Oregon Crusaders has announced its 2016 program "Hunted" which looks to be a very fast-paced and exciting program with music by Muse, Queen and more. They have trumpet, euph and guard spots, so interested folks should definitely check them out and do a video audition. Just about the best design and instruction staff you can find. Links to some info on show: For video auditions:
  2. Adam Sage (PR Spartacus, SCV Scheherazade among many others) is the Oregon Crusaders Artistic Director and has an interview online discussing the planning for Oregon Crusader's 2016 program... just one piece in the OC plan to build a great staff and a great show and a great experience for their performers. All the staff are here including Ian Flint, Brad Kerr Green, Mike Stevens, Josh Dawes, Addison Kaeterle and many many others... Check it out! Phil
  3. What a wonderfully nice thing to say. I've shared it with the members and staff, who are always grateful to new and enthusiastic fans.
  4. We had some fun today with the idea of trying to incorporate trombones into a drum corps show... and the hazards that can result. It's all just in good fun. I support the ability for drum corps to exercise all creative avenues, but that doesn't mean we don't like to have some fun from time to time. No flaming please, just smiles and chuckles... and you may of course channel your energy into being the over 6,000th Like on Oregon Crusaders' facebook page. Dr. Phil
  5. Oregon Crusaders has made a pretty cool animation to try and describe why we drum corps people do what we do, what it takes to do it, and the impact it has on the community. The video with animation is pretty cool and was done by an OC vet.
  6. The membership was very supportive, citing the potential growth in interest by students in drum corps as a major driver.
  7. Beginning this year, Trombones, French horns and other brass instruments may now be used without any penalty or hesitation.
  8. A number of people who haven't seen OC, or were expecting less, have been very surprised by the complexity and demand of the show, and how well the members perform it. It will be interesting to see the additional momentum they get by going into Indianapolis this week. It's especially exciting to see them in the mix with such a strong field this year. Phil
  9. Yes, 0.5, which didn't affect placements even compared to the first night's scores. OC's show, with the pre-show, is so carefully programmed and is maximized to the available time that the brief trouble with cabling this evening put it over the top. Nothing likely to repeat itself, I imagine. Without the penalty it would've actually been OC's highest world class score ever (last year WC semis was 77.45). Phil
  10. Oregon Crusaders is excited to announce that joining our new Visual Caption Supervisor Mike Fanning (Cadets) will be assistant visual caption supervisor Jon Cordell (Colts, Bluecoats), Patrick Crowley as visual caption head (Cadets) and Daniel Benton as visual instructor (Cadets, Crossmen). These professionals join Travis Moddison, JC Caceres, Todd Zimbelman, Mike Stevens, Bryan Thomas, Charlotte Morrow, Melissa Goodling and numerous other veteran OC staff who guided the 2012 Oregon Crusaders to the DCI Open Class World Championship. We welcome them to the OC family and to our debut season in DCI's world class. Mike Fanning began his involvement with the activity at the age of 11 with the Emerald Knights (Mississauga, ON) and went on to march 11 seasons of drum corps as a member of the Emerald Knights, the Bluecoats (Canton, OH) and the Cadets of Bergen County (Bergenfield, NJ). Mike has worked with many groups from Canada, the United States, and Sweden as a visual designer, caption head, consultant and marching tech. Most notably, Mike taught the Cadets from 2003-2011 and served as the Visual Caption Head from 2007-2010. See the press release
  11. The little team from Oregon, where in January, 2007 we had seven brass players and four guard come to the first camp, has come a long way, due to the tireless efforts of so many talented and generous staff, volunteers and incredibly talented performers. To all those who believed, we thank you. For all those who still don't list the open class corps when you make your finals predictions, don't look now but your top twenty is about to get a lot more interesting. With gratitude for a great year, and anticipation for a great end to the week, Dr. Phil
  12. This is a great video we put together this summer to highlight our history...
  13. Whew... I'm glad you mentioned a world class corps. With all that chatter about Oregon Crusaders I was worried this thread was going to be banished to the DCP hinterlands (also known as the Open Class Forum). Phil
  14. I'll add my thanks to you as well Michael, great job on the blog (as another OC fan from 3000 miles away!). Phil
  15. Thanks for all the great remarks about our "little team from Oregon". What a great day for the corps! looking forward to watching it over and over on the fan network! Phil