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  1. Steve / you know better than that. :) This is DCI - it's incredibly inconsistent from show to show and especially region to region early season It will all sort itself out after the 4th - no worries
  2. OMG - it's like the entire 90's all over again!!! Boo hoo - the Scouts are ALWAYS getting ripped off! They never get the score they deserve. Good grief.
  3. you can see that even in the pics posted (other thread) - technique is incredibly inconsistent honestly those pics worried me to death about Scouts.. If I were to go back and watch 88 right now I might cry.
  4. unfortunately they were at another venue with another judging panel so it's impossible to compare
  5. you can't really compare scores from different shows!! We've got to wait until corps face each other to know how they'll line up
  6. I rank 2005 above all those / which means DC shows - just like all the creative arts - is a matter of opinion. I REALLY don't like a number of other corps programs - very simplistic design, easy demand, or repetitive drill moves year after year - but I don't boo them, or come on here and act like they should change to please little old me.
  7. Great - now you are speaking for "the many" Pretty funny. Reminds me of RAMD in the days. Here's the thing: the "many" were BD fans who had, frankly, drank way too much in the lot before they rolled into the Rose Bowl Because the VERY SAME Cadet show was wildly recieved up the coast just nights before.
  8. I didn't know you were a subscriber... sorry YES - I saw it. I don't tend to judge much from a webcast of a pre-season first uni run-through Maybe that's just me.