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  1. do you plan on transferring away from JSU??? lol
  2. Spirit... I'll get you some pics somehow
  3. Not only do I have zero endurance right now, I just wish I could breathe without hurting or passing out. I haven't played since JSU graduation in May, mainly because of a million tests at the doctors and a few surgeries here in Atlanta and Houston. It really sucks bad
  4. I also like the kanstul M6, but it takes alot of practice on it to feel comfortable...and with a sharp rim, it's liable to kill ya
  5. forget that. double C's sound absolutely glorious on a UMI 6 :)
  6. I saw that. He played a little bit of Let It Be Me (wasn't it?), right at the end of the show. At the end of the ballad...and he actually doesn't play the solo...just stands there looking pretty like Matt Burns does. HAHA (he's going to kill me when he reads this)......anywho, if you notice there is a trumpet player who turns around backfield and plays the solo, facing Matt
  7. Frank- he cheats. He brings a pad of paper with him and writes it all down as it happens :)
  8. SEAN!!!! HAHAHAHA.... man, you left the stuff we talked about and the event staff helpful my butt....
  9. The old look into Spirit's past will defintely bring a lump into someones throat....if they know what it means, unlike last night....The people in the audience were like....what the ####???
  10. ok.... so first I went over to the dorms, just to talk to a few people before they left for warm-up at the stadium. They were all pumped up about a day that they rehearsed as a real show day, top to bottom. The pressures of being trapped in Jacksonville got to a lot of them, and who wouldn't blame them, I'm stuck here as well and there isn't a darn thing to do in this place. lol While the hornline was starting to walk in two's, I rushed over to my car and then back to the line where I placed Spiegadagak on Candy's shako. Wouldn't be a true Spirit performance without our beloved rat watching
  11. just to clarify, it is Matt Burns, our third DM, that steps out on the field with the 80 uni
  12. There is just something about senior corps that makes you feel 44...I feel it and I'm only 22. lol :P
  13. They had that ending to the ballad when we went to Columbia w/Stp: