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  1. i thought the guard looked spectacular! great job!!!!
  2. I had to download all kinds of things to my Mac including Firefox, which did not work, but when I switched back to Safari, it was there. Go figure.
  3. I had the same problem with my laptop....I finally gave up in disgust and switched to my husband' is fine. It has something to do with the ActiveX controls on your Internet Explorer, probably. I only had sound...and a green screen. And his prompted me about the Active X stuff and all was fine. It is maddening. I shouted profanities all the way through until Seattle. I missed Memphis Sound....who I really wanted to see. They sounded FABULOUS...but that is not enough...I WANTED TO SEE. Good luck. I am anxious to hear about the Regiment situation. If they still plan on performing, everything must be alright....keep your fingers crossed.
  4. This Mom could not be any more proud. What a truly breathtaking show. Congratulations to the members for a job well done.
  5. One of the corps' staff, prior to Regiment, shot off an air cannon with the silver streamers at the end of their show. It was not Regiment. I remember seeing it...cannot remember for sure, which corps except that is was not Regiment. I am 100% sure of that. :)
  6. After last week, hearing that there was a way to connect my laptop to my big screen tv, I went out and purchased an S Video cable and connected the PC to my big screen. I also used the connection for my digital camcorder to connect the sound from the headphone connnection to the video connections on the front of my tv so that the sound came through there and not the PC. It worked perfectly. You hit Function and F5 on your laptop and select the TV as your monitor, then right click the streaming window and Zoom to full screen. It has been running all afternoon and has been FANTASTIC. I feel like I am there!!! Great job DCI. Cannot wait for tonight.
  7. I am thankful for any means to see my daughter perform live, when I am unable to attend a show across the country. It has been more than worth my $30.00 investment. I paid more than that for my Cookeville ticket. I think the coverage is outstanding and the live streams have been a very nice "gift" which I did not expect to receive. I was perfectly happy with the coverage last year as well and find that the improvements this year, are FANTASTIC. As far as wasting my Saturday nights watching a live stream...maybe I am a little different than others out there when I say, I will sit for hours in front of my PC on Saturday, or any other day of the week, for the opportunity to see the corps perform live. I even watch the shows that do not include my favorite corps. Thank you DCI...I am a satisfied customer.