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  1. Flooding rains in Boston just let up. If the same happened in Lawrence the field is flooded. Anyone know if this is going to be a standstill tonite?
  2. Are you serious? The only good quality part of the broadcast were the commercials. Anytime a corps was on the feed was unwatchable. I am from Mass. Did anyone else have similar issues?
  3. Why does the start time say 5:00 PM on I tried to login and it told me my membership does not include the event. I think that is why some are confused. Right now on the DCI site it says the event it live. Someone mess up bigtime?
  4. It was a perfect night for drum corps to return to Boston College. The sky was clear and temp's were in the low 70's with a slight dry breeze. The last show I attended at BC was the 1984 CYO Nationals which unsuprisingly was won by the then named Garfield Cadet's. There was a good crowd although I am unsure if it will match the 5,000 that attended at Foxboro last year. Part of the problem may of been Boston pricing premium upper deck seats at $100+. During the week I got several emails the first one advertising a 10% sale off of all tickets then the 2nd offering 20% off all tickets. The ave
  5. 1 Crown - Most complete show of the season and the only show that generates a visceral reaction from me 2 BD - Not as well though thru as last year but love the Sondheim music and as usual their brass and guard are stunning 3 BAC - This show has really grown on me. So much going on! 5 Academy - 2nd most entertaining show of the season 6 Cadets - New uniforms seem a waste of money. Still, they still move and play like noone else. 7 PR - Accessible and enjoyable 8 Cavies - The theme is weak but sometimes you have to just sit back and enjoy their virtuosity 9 fun, fun, fun! 10 Cascades -
  6. Apolgies to Jersy Surf for leaving them out! I will cover them in my next review. Enjoyed their show. They were much improved the next night in Lynn
  7. Before I start please forgive my terrible spelling! Even for early in the season, it was a spectacular night of drum corps. Another reviewer said it reminded him of a regional to me it felt almost like finals week. How I miss the good old days (RIP 2008) when we would pull up to some massive outside stadium and snake our way to our seats. That very action would build excitement and expectations. It would be great if this was a yearly event or even a regional. I love Allentown like everyone else, but it is in the middle of now where and a pain to travel to. And unlike Allentown, there was
  8. First I think kudos to Tom Blair and company must be given. It was the first show of the year the camera angles were quite good. The sound was excellent. Quite loud in my theatre in Boston. I was a bit less impressed as the first reviewer was. The shows seemed much rougher and a bit less interesting and fan friendly than last year. Madison It was encouraging to see such an improvement from their dress rehersal. Even though this was supposed to be based on MGM 50's musicals I had a hard problem figuring out much of what they played in the first part of the show. I appreciated their aggressiv
  9. I can't get in. I thought this was free? Every time I click on video it asks me to sign up for a package. Anyone else in?
  10. they are waiting for attorney sign off? That sounds ominous. I hope I am wrong
  11. Those are great seats....what is the face value for the entire package?
  12. 93 Boston is part of the recordings from DCI available on CD. Starting in 1990 they provided semi-finalists on the CD's. Prior to that it was either records or cassettes. From time to time one pops up on Ebay. I do have Boston 93 and will see if I can make a MP3. Regarding all of the discussion around semi-finalist video I too would love to see them on the fan site. I have heard the rumor of a fire destroying early semi-finalist videos. Given the cost I could understand why DCI would not record early years semi's. I believe that starting in 1979 there are some semi-finalist video around. I
  13. OMG do you really still have Beta? What was released on Beta? I am with you regarding accumulating media. A number of years ago I bought all the old 'Through the Years' series and converted them to DVD. I also traded with other collectors semi final videos from the 80's and 90's. I was never able to get my hand on prelim performance from the 70's. From what I heard I think some of them went up in flames. I also cleaned up and converted to CD audio tapes and records containing non-finalist recordings from 76-89. I wish I could find more. I think the 'Through the Year's' tapes are no longer in c
  14. IMO Boston needs a new program co-ordinator. I am from Boston and am a huge fan but the last 2 years have been disappointing design wise. Some other posters made references that Boston was trying to get fans to think about it's theme. Mostly fan's were just trying to figure out what was going on period. This was most reflective in their poor GE scores. They thougth this show would take them to the top 5. You don't design a show with what you believe will get you a higher placement. Allthough the theme certainly was different the music really was not. Santa Clara, Cadet's, Crown and Star playe