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  1. What happened with Cadets percussion number tonight, or is BK percussion that good?
  2. That surprises me given what SCV has been doing the past couple years. With final inside now they make more sense now than say 1999 LOL...
  3. Thank god there is something different LOL....
  4. Anyone know if Cadets have a new ending yet?
  5. SCV too cut and paste from last year. Bloo is highly entertaining but I worry about them maxing out. I'm guessing BD at this point. It will come down to how judges interpret what "GE" values the shows have.
  6. Bloo is phenomenal just wish they marched and played at the same time more.
  7. This makes you realize how dependent corps are now on electronics. During a regular show now I sit there thinking, WOW they are so much better than we were. Seeing this I realize that a lot is bells and whistles of electronics, speakers, piped in bass etc...
  8. Cadets schedule this year really isn't conducive to making changes to the show. They barely have a day off much less several days off in a row. Not sure if the reasoning behind this was to fit more shows and parades in to make money, but I really hope they have the time to get a restaged closer in before San Antonio. At least I really hope that is coming, the props should be utilized other than facing backwards at the back of the field, I would create two bridges along the front and have the corps on them. Not copying SCV last year, but a similar concept. Regardless something needs to be done. The end of Do Better to the end of the show has no effect.
  9. Yep, that should encourage the kids. Visual Analysis - Yikes. But it's pretty accurate IMHO. 😱
  10. Yes, it's really neat with a big feather similar to Crown 13-15
  11. Agree, wasn't initially thinking about Crossmen and BK.
  12. Yep, one would think 2 of the 3 will be finalists. Well 2 of 4 including Crossmen. Pulling for Spirit this year! Of course we don't know where Blue Knights fit in.
  13. Score inflation Not meaning that for Bloo. They should already be higher to me it is such a detailed show already. But the other corps jumped a lot.