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  1. sorry... sorry... I let my emotions get the best of me. I'm sorry.... I'm just... I'm sorry.
  2. Not like you're there anyways. I've seen you show up. You're THE guy at the hot dog stand in your fanny pack and your BD hat and Cadets shirt and Madison shoes You make me SICK YOU'RE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!! money?
  3. Listen folks, I know I come around once in a blue moon. BUT THE TIDES HAVE TURNED #####ES! Serious argument here. :worthy: In this day of age when we are reaching our maximum potentials, why have we not discussed the option of our students going barefoot? I can see the educational benefits outlined in my proposal before .. you know what. Before dipping into that, let me educate you with the definition of foot: The foot is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates. It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion. In many animals with feet, the foo
  4. Go BONES too! Always loved your offerings year after year!
  5. Listen, shortstack. I'm not baiting, gross. I'm not trolling, I live in a condominium with plentiful amenties and beautiful ladies who fan me down with oversizes fan-entities every Tuesday at 5pm. I'm trying to paint light on a situation. We're all good humored here right -- yes, we've all seen the economy suffer, and thousands of jobs lost, and millions of gallons of water wasted, but I'm not a doctor ######. What do I look like? I'm here to earn the respect of the nation and celebrate the fourth of July like AMERICA ONLY KNOWS HOW TO DO. Now get your looking-balls on the prize, and th
  6. Aw come on people -- you're BETTER than this. YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS.
  7. REALLY.... The Cadets/Bergen/Garfield/Holy Name/Allentown Inc need your help. We're all behind you... BERNSTEIN FOR PREZ So GET UP, LET'S HEAR YOUR HNC ACRONYMS. Hardly Needs Cleaning Hopeful National Champions Hostility Never Competes Hummus Needs Chips Humilate Nebraska's Cornhuskers Hopkins Needs Coffee GO GO GO TAKE OUT CROWN - TAKE EM OUT TO LUNCH, BOYS :music: BUY 'EM OUT! PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST -
  9. 1) New York Yankees 2) Bobby Jindal 3) Marquette University Men's Basketball Team 4) Blue Devils 5) Duke Blue Devils 6) The black guy prisoner on the boat from Batman who threw the remote out the window 7) The number 7 was banned by George Hopkins, a la rule proposal 8) Indianapolis Colts 9) Hard Rock Casino 10) Ben 11) and Jerry 12) The understudies from the national broadway tour of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"
  10. looks like elmhurst got a case of the "by the ways" Thanks to all the supporters... might want to jump on the bandwagon, Elm. I run this thread, shortstack.
  11. 0 STARS TWO THUMBS DOWN KID TESTED, NOBODY APPROVED Ok people, here it goes. IDENTITY CRISIS. Look, it's purely simple. Ever since Scott left office, we've seen a girl on the field, eleventeen directors, 40 designers, 2 chief executable offico, black pants, white pants, dirty pants, citation cords that are plastic tubes painted gold, mtxs, dinkles, and some UGLY ####### uniforms that looked like a 4th grader pasted together some construction paper. AND THEY FIRED SCOTT BOERMA... SCOTT ####### BOERMA Yeahhh... look at that uni baby. It's like wiping your ### with sandpaper. FIERC