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  1. That's pretty close. I competed in US Open with Garfield in 1972 and with Racine Kilts in 1973. I definitely remember the sun in my eyes as the field faced the morning sunrise.
  2. Fine, Mike. We can refer to Vicky Drummond (Blue Rock) as drum major or majorette. My references to the 40's, 50's, 60' are often related to my knowledge from my dad marching with the Polish Falcons of BROOKLYN, NY. Also frequent references to Audubon Bob-Bons "majorette", etc. ( unofficial morphing not withstanding).
  3. I just found a broadcast of the London New Year's Day Parade on my local PBS and most of the bands are from the US. One group actually did the Blue Knight version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" (with singing portion). Hilarious!
  4. George had Coz spend a fortune re-tuning those steel drums several times during the season.
  5. I have experienced far more goosebumps in "the Lot" than on the field of late. "The lot is not a bot". Battery without the pit is a real treat. Brass without electronic reinforcement is what addicted me to this activity some 50 some odd years ago. I find the low-end synth as akin to what gangbangers generate driving around my neighborhood at 3 a.m. to demonstrate their manliness. The sound is personally grating to me. The high-end amplification for soloists sounds "fake" and I resent having to visually search the field or the pit in order to locate the geographical location of said performer
  6. Hi = Hello High = a level, above, etc. High Scenery: A reference to the former captions that used to affect scoring outcomes in drum corps. (High horns, High drums, High M&M, High GE, etc.) Scoresheets and the analysis criteria have been rewritten over the years to reward a very different product including much that is not performer generated. (pre-recorded singing, pre-recorded narration, professional painting and prop design, sound levels manipulated by adults behind the podium, etc.) Sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek references are not "insults". Buck-up there, snowflake.
  7. I have seen Madison on line this year and I love the more traditional show! Too bad I won't get to see it in the movie theater (except for a snippet). Next year they will no longer be the Madison Scouts (IMO). I really enjoy Madison and Troopers for forgoing the excesses of recent years and going for more precision marching over scenery and a checklist of narration, props, trombones, and bug-squashing. It looks like Bluecoats will get the Gold this year. They definitely have earned the 'High Scenery" trophy. (nod to Roller Coaster Tycoon).
  8. Regarding props: I am bored by props that are simply scenery or are only used for one effect. I am thrilled when props are re-positioned and/or repurposed to create multiple effects. Examples of note: SCV Les Mis: Stationary flats hid the hornline for "Bring Him Home" and backfield effect. They allowed for the corps/drumline reintroduction. They created the various red/white/blue silk pops. SCV: Ouroboros: Those were moved to create a multitude of effects, colors, staging, etc. constantly. IMO the best usage of a single design ever. Cadets 12/25: They let me down because they di
  9. It's all pseudo-intellectual smoke and mirrors these days. "the aesthetic"? "the intellectual"?, "the emotional'? All according to whom? Still very subjective. Most adjudicators just learn the required "buzz-words" and use numbers management to justify their rankings. (multi-usage of planes, tension & release, etc., etc.)
  10. Female snares I remember early on but can't recall names. Early 1960s: Bellmore Thunderstreaks. ( help ironlips) 1969, 1970 : Blue Rock
  11. I did! Dubinsky and I with Bergenfield rookies managed 6th in percussion in Whitewater with no percussion staff on tour. (Fred was with SCV all summer). '73 looked like chaos so I aged-out with a Racine Kilties experience.
  12. Les Miserables. Best multiple effects from stationary props. Sequential storyline. No dead spots. MELLOS.