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  1. Let me clarify: Did SCV doing Phantom of the Opera in 1988 help them to win the championship in 1989 with nearly the same show? If they hadn't done Phantom of the Opera in 1988, would they have still won in 1989?
  2. Seems like a reasonable question for everyone: Do you think Santa Clara Vanguard would have won in 1989 had they not performed nearly the same exact show in 1988? I've thought about this one for a long time now, and my personal feeling is that they wouldn't have won in 1989 if it wasn't for them performing nearly the same show in 1988. Granted, I know they could have won in 1988, but I also wonder how many vets they had from '88 into the '89 season? Also, do you guys know why SCV decided to do Phantom of the Opera again in 1989? For the record, I thought Vanguard should have won in 19
  3. Here it is! The final part of my interview with Sal Hernandez of the Concord Blue Devils! In this part, Sal talks about the so-called controversy surrounding a certain Snapchat photo from the Cadets that went viral, what it takes to be a member of The Blue Devils, and what he thinks of the upcoming 2015 season! Thanks again everyone for reading. Hope you enjoyed reading the interview and getting to know this fine young man! An Interview with Sal Hernandez of the World Champion Concord Blue Devils - Part IV Let me know if you would like to see more interviews with members of other drum corps
  4. Thanks everyone for the great comments! And yes Mike, I was happy to see that current MM's are just like us with our thought process. I was surprised to hear from Sal that he hopes the judging system changes.
  5. Thanks for the great comments guys! Here is Part III of my interview with Sal Hernandez. Today he talks about "old school vs new school" drum corps, Blue Devils shows of the past, electronics/amplification, and our very own Drum Corps Planet! An Interview with Sal Hernandez of the World Champion Concord Blue Devils - Part III Thanks for reading everyone! Let us know what you think!
  6. Hope you all enjoyed reading Part I of the of my interview with Sal Hernandez of the Concord Blue Devils. Part II is up now on the blog. An Interview with Sal Hernandez of the World Champion Concord Blue Devils - Part II Sal talks about his 2014 season experience with the Blue Devils, when in the season he knew they were going to win, and the so-called "controversy" of The Cadets leaving the field quickly after retreat on finals night. Enjoy everyone!
  7. I'm a FMM of The Velvet Knights, having marched in the early 90's. Nowadays, I am a sommelier and restaurant professional who has a popular blog about food, wine, restaurants, and men's fashion. Every now and then, I will write about something that is not-related to theme of my blog, including topics on drum and bugle corps. I've always been a fan and loved the activity since I first saw a drum corps show in 1987. Recently though, I thought it would be fun to interview a current member of a drum corps and feature them on my blog. As it turns out, I know someone personally in The Concord Blue D
  8. I hardly believe any of the members had cell phones back when the "Garfield Cadets" won their last championship (1987). Unless they had the Gordon Gecko mobile phone in their possession!
  9. Sounds to me like you came on here just to push your own agenda and "knowledge" of science, and why from a realistic and literal standpoint, Carolina Crown got it all wrong. In other words, you are right, and Crown and the rest of us are all wrong. <comment removed - Geoff> In addition, you are the first Cavalier fan that I've ever met who said they were personally offended by any drum corps show. And believe me, I have met thousands of Cavalier fans in my day.
  10. Does anyone else have food cook stories that they can share? Or just drum corps food stories? I still to this day cannot drink Tang. Does it still exist? Ha ha ha!
  11. Amazing story Kip. Thank's so much for adding your thoughts about your dad...a true unsung hero!
  12. Not only that, but in addition to everything you described, in some instances they also have to go buy the food at the local Costco, Sam's Club, etc.. At least this is how it was 20 years ago. Im sure its different now days with food purveyors like Sysco delivering food to locations where drum corps are staying for a period of time (few days at least?).
  13. You deserve a lot of credit for what you do for the kids and staff! Thanks a bunch!