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  1. I was just mulling over the wisdom of buying myself a season pass to DCI Live. Noticed there is a space in the sign up for a Promo Code.. How does one get a promo code? A promo code might get me off the fence.
  2. Seattle. Seattle is the best place in the world in mid August. It averages 76 degrees, and 0.97 inches of rain in August. Everything is green and comfortable. We have 2 good choices as far as stadiums go. It is a great destination for the Drum Corps traveler, because NOBODY has ever traveled to Seattle for a Drum Corps show. The Northwest could use the exposure to the activity.
  3. I was witness to a similar situation in the early 80's. The corps went on tour with the strategy that the Bingo operation would provide funds that were needed immediately. Yeah.. After some unanticipated expenses, and underwhelming bingo profits, the Corps Director went into a bank and took out a loan against his house to finish tour. I think his attitude was that "nothing else mattered". He was paid back in a timely manner.
  4. Interested in a Kanstul G Baritone? I have a great one. Not perfect, but by far the best playing 3v G Bari I have ever played, and I've played them all. It has "Cavaliers" stamped into the lead pipe, and I think it's a pretty early model. I have not seen one wrapped exactly the same, and that makes me suspect it's possibly a prototype. I traded a King 3B Silversonic trombone for it from The Wichita Band Instrument Co. Very nice non original case. Me playing Kanstul
  5. Drum Corps instructors have been a resourceful lot, especially back in the days of Schlecta and the G/D bugle. I have been entertained many times with the stories of what Keith Markey and Mike Duffy would do to horns up here in the northwest just to fill out a couple chords in a song. At the other end of the spectrum....don't you think now that there are 5 instrument manufacturers in the game that they will want to/are set(ting) themselves apart with innovation (new products), and customer service? I just got a new Bb baritone (King, not Jupiter), and as much as I like this horn, I see a lot of room for improvement. Isn't Drum Corps sort of the NASCAR of the marching arts? Won't they be looking to us for the next step, or am I just delusional? I would love to help them produce a better product. I think we all would.
  6. No...I'm not buying this one. They are ALL that way.
  7. That's the Imperials alright. I see Greg Dillingham on Iso drum in the middle of the pic. Do you have more?
  8. I play tested both the Jupiter bari and euph last week. I thought they made a good pair. The bari is made for the mid to upper range, so some might complain that the lower range is comprimised. I'd say the lower range is not what the horn is made for. That's why you have euphs in your line. I think (my cause and effect theory is) that the slightly smaller bore of the bari (as compared to most other baris) makes for better response, and it really seemed easy to play to me. Intonation comprimises seemed well considered. The thumb trigger on the first valve is a very nice addition - as well as a useful 3rd valve slide. I think I would have this instrument dialed in once I was a bit more familiar with it. It had the fit and feel of a professional level instrument. The euph was great. Well balanced, although you still know you are holding a euph, which is something I usually leave to the tough guys (and girls). It also had the trigger and slide on the valves. The amazing thing was how well the horn played (concert) staff C and B in tune without adjusting any slides. Those notes rang out just as well as the Bb, which is a rare thing on a horn without a fourth valve. Again, a person giving a conscientious effort has a good chance of playing with good intonation without a huge struggle. It would be great to spend an afternoon comparing the Yammi to the King to the Kanstul to the Jupiter. I have not done that, so I cannot contrast brands with authority, but I can state that there is nothing sub-par about these Jupiters. They are a very legitimate choice, and at a competitive price.
  9. Chris, Have you tried the Jupiter? -Steve
  10. Well we're up to our elbows in Mariners here in Seattle, and it's kinda sad.
  11. Seattle Brass Attack (the mini version) played at a press conference yesterday at Qwest Field, revealing the Seattle MLS expansion team's new main sponsor, and the jersey design. Click here for Blog coverage with a good pic of us, and a positive comment at the very end. I'm sure I will hear back from some of you when you read the comment. Steve
  12. It's not a merger. Brass Attack is still a member of NYMA, which is also the Cascades parent organization, and a non-profit.
  13. Major League Soccer is coming to Seattle in 2009. The Seattle Fans are rabid, and 15,000 deposits have been received for season tickets, which means the team already outsells Red Bull NY, DC United, and every other team in the league, with their debut still almost a year away. It's going to be a big crowd. Don't miss your chance to audition for the Seattle Sounders FC band! The Sounders FC Band will be made up of drums and brass. Drums will be snares, tenors, bass, cymbals steel drums and congas. Brass will include sopranos, mellophones, trombones, baritones and contras. Auditions will take place at Qwest Field on June 1, 2008 from 9am to 6pm. Auditions will include a self-prepared, short solo (1-2 minutes in length), sight reading and a personal interview. This hornline is currenty planning on using G bugles as it's foundation. It is our hope that DC alums will play a large role in this group. Instrumentation may change as plans develop. Membership will be 21 and above. Paid rehearsals will commence in early June. The first gig is scheduled - Seattle Seafair Torchlight Parade on July 26th This is something to get excited about folks. Hope to see you there! Click here for further information, and a message from minority owner Drew Carey Click here for the Audition Registration Page Get paid to play
  14. Those were G horns. Inactive means they are fiscally responsible, and have made tough decisions. Folded means that they ran it till the wheels fell off. Crash and Burn. Major difference. My vote: Close Topic.
  15. This seems the most reasonable breakdown. I'd arm 8-12 of those bari players with euphoniums, and I might send 4 of those pit kids to the guard (ya know it's not necessary to double all those parts anymore), but this is sensible.
  16. Good editorial piece Frank. Vocals: It's a good rule. I'm just waiting for someone to do something clever with it. Amplification: I have heard it being used to good effect a couple times. Full pit ensemble mixing is pointless. Looking forward to your next column.
  17. What are we???? chopped liver???? a wet ham sandwich????? ($1 to LR) Hey Peashey!!!!! (you are hiding) We've got a little thing we do here on Sundays................
  18. Did they? I know that the Seattle Shamrocks did it back in the day. A Duffy arrangement I believe. I've never heard it tho......... I bet a bunch of corps have done it.
  19. Consider yourself shouted at Tom!!! We should definately get things going ASAP. Don't think we could possibly find a better tour guide. Still in Mill Creek? You know we're rehearsing in Ballard on Sundays these days, which is a short ride for you. Do they serve Brontosaurus burgers at the Dinosaur?