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  1. (THIS WAS POSTED FIRST TO THE UNOFFICIAL CADETS ALUMNI FB PAGE BY SOMEONE OFFICIAL) "The following is a statement just released by the Cadets Arts & Entertainment (CAE) Board of Directors: The Cadets Arts & Entertainment (CAE) Board of Directors confirms that the organization has had recent staff changes including Tom Aungst and Neil Larrivee. Both of these individuals have contributed significantly to The Cadets over the years, and we recognize their substantial role in the corps’ success. Tom and Neil are iconic drum corps figures who have influenced many lives and left a legacy of success, including helping The Cadets return to a Top 6 finish at the 2022 DCI World Championships. We wish them well and thank them for their years of service to The Cadets. The CAE Board of Directors understands that change is never easy, particularly for an organization that stretches back eighty-eight years. CAE has worked hard to build a Board of Directors that remains true to the mission of our organization: to educate, embolden, and enhance the lives of young people through a superior performing arts experience. At the same time, the Board of Directors is responsible for guiding strategic direction, managing the risks of the organization, and providing oversight and evaluation of the CEO. We will continue to fulfill these primary responsibilities while, at the same time, recognizing the significant public interest surrounding these decisions, and welcoming feedback and input from Cadets supporters at boardinfo@cadets.org."
  2. A happier time... and my last show. Hard to believe it was 38 years ago.
  3. There were two kids in that guard that had any experience in drum corps this past summer. Give the guard staff a year or three more to grow, become something, recruit. Enrique was there for part of 2021 and all of 2022 and deserves time to grow the program. There are days that DCP is like being a sports fan and wanting to fire the head coach of your team after one season... They hardly have their program or found the people to "play" in it.
  4. I'm just sitting here thinking, what if the NFL didn't let teams announce their free agent signings until 2 weeks after the free agent period ended? You know who left what team, but you don't know where they've signed yet! I love this time of year in drum corps. Tuesday will be an interesting day.
  5. Makes sense. I should have known known this. :::hanging head in shame:::::
  6. Well, this is certainly an interesting idea.
  7. At a lot of universities, the food service employees are not employed by the college, but by the food service company. The company “runs” 100% of what happens in those cafeterias (stocking, staffing, serving, equipment etc) and then charges the colleges.
  8. I have done this math in the past. Economically speaking, it is way less expensive to feed the MM’s et all off the food truck, even with factoring in all that you stated above. Now, from a volunteer standpoint, you are right. Over the years it is much harder at any place I was to get vols for spring training. They want to be with the members AND see shows. Not impossible to get vols for ST but harder (for the most part and with a few exceptions) that when you are on tour.
  9. And lowest cost for a stadium for a regional. I wonder why DCA stopped going there?
  10. I would guess that BD went to Wy because of lesser covid restrictions there than in CA, but that is just a guess. They have been happy for years at Mars and the members getting their own housing (AirBnB) and it has not seemed to affect them competitively. In fact, I am pretty sure there are plenty of corps that would love to use that model to save money.
  11. I cannot remember the numbers off of the top of my head from 9 years ago, but you are probably not that far off. Your weekly number sounds more like what the number was for them month, but like I said, that was 9 years ago.
  12. I’ll say it for the back for the room again…. GEORGE ZINGALI There is no Marc Sylvester, Jeff Sacktig, John V, Leon May, Tony Hall, John Sanchez, Jeff Gooch, Jeff Gentry and many many others without him.
  13. Crown has been using the cafeteria at Gardner Webb Univ for a very long time. Mainly it was because of GWU’s contract with their food service company that made Crown eat that way at a significant cost, but the members and staff loved the food options.
  14. 2022 PHANTOM REGIMENT PRESENTS... SUMMER OF POE. A modern take on Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe.
  15. I think you guys really don't take into account the money it takes to be a Top 5 and even Top 3 drum corps. It is not only about the show design and the staff. It is the tour and how well your tour and feed the kids, time sleeping on the floor, the money for food, travel, staff, props and everything else. Design and staff are a very important part of that equation, yes, but the current top 5 are what they are because of the money that they have compared to 6-10 and 11-15 etc (speaking very generally). And corps like Cavies have done a lot on very little money compared to the Top 5. And there are a few lower placing and even out of finals corps that have money (bingo especially) that don't place higher because they are not making the right design team, staff, tour financial decisions. Just my "two cents" based on helping run a few decent corps. = )
  16. Sandi Rennick wrote the FE book when she and Paul were at Regiment.
  17. From very good and reliable sources... This is NOT true.
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