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  1. This. I marched in 01-05 and have been a member of this forum since 04. I started losing interest a good decade ago when they started allowing electronics, but I still toughed it out a few years and went to some shows just to support the activity. When I noticed Drum Corps was making a concerted effort to switch from marching in uniforms to dancing in costumes, I just lost interest entirely. I honestly only came back to DCP after a several year break just this morning because I saw a reddit post and remembered I had an account here. If the recent news about all the drama going on is any indication, not only are the shows not getting any better, but the activity seems to be rotting from the inside out. Maybe I'll come back and see if Drum Corps has found itself again in a few years, but until then, I'm going to go back to forgetting about it.
  2. The "you can get more out of cymbals by putting them in the pit" argument has always been spurious. That can be said of the entire drum corps minus the guard. You can always get more musicality out of percussion by making them stationary, giving them more instruments and so for. You can get more out of brass by sitting them down in chairs and letting them play concert instruments. Drum corps has always been about adding a marching and visual element to the music. Why march at all if you're just going to say "you can do more with ___ by putting them in the pit"? That can be said of anything.
  3. I go into drum corps around 200 when I was still in high school and ended up marching from 2002-2005, aging out as a cymbal player in Crossmen. I went to a few shows in 2006 but ended up joining the military and spending some time in Afghanistan. Well now I'm back, I moved from Michigan to Texas, and am thinking about heading over to see the San Antonio show this summer. My question is, what did I miss in the past 6-8 years of drum corps? I was sad to hear that the Glassmen folded, as I used to march there as well. I've seen a couple YouTube videos of some 2013 shows, and I remember all the debates over adding amps and electronics and still think it was a bad idea. I'm kinda sad that singing and sound effects haven't gone away as a fad. So what other big changes have happened? Do we still get shows like 95 Scouts, 99 SCV, 02 Cavies, etc? Or has it all mostly gone the way of marching band? Will I be shocked in SA or still recognize it as the good old brass, percussion, and guard Drum Corps I remember? And do cymbal lines still exist? I read something about the size being increased to 150 instead of the old 135? Will cymbal lines make a resurgence?
  4. This Thursday, I will be attending the Glassmen All-Star Review in Toledo. The last drum corps show I saw was the same show in 2006. The changes in drum corps that went on in the middle of this decade such as the addition of amplification and lots of signing and narration put me off to drum corps a great deal. That, in addition to my goings on with the Army precluded me from seeing any shows since early 2006. So my question is, what can I expect? What other new rules or additions have occurred in drum corps in the past few years? Will I see woodwinds on the field? Have they, dare I hope, rescinded the amplification rule? I have not kept up with anything drum corps related since then, so I have no idea what the shows are, what new rules are in place, etc. Anyone want to give me a quick recap of the last 3 years in drum corps?
  5. Vista and XP, firefox and IE. Both on a laptop and desktop using my home net and school net. I'm thinking it's a DCI problem, but it's been like this for a few days, and I wouldn't think they would leave a broken media download center up for days on end without fixing it.
  6. Well I think I can get much faster confirmation as to whether or not it's even a problem (or maybe just a problem with my machine) from here rather than wait a few days for an IT guy to read my email and feel like responding.
  7. I'm trying to download some APDs from, and I keep getting a script error page when I try to checkout. Is anyone else having this same problem?
  8. No, I don't really like any of those shows except for Cavies 06. And I will be in South America at the time as well.
  9. I am currently enlisted in the Army National Guard. I joined in fall of 06. And I joined knowing that I would be going to combat at some point. The only real difference now between Active and Reserve is where they spend their time when not deployed. Active stays on a base and does Army stuff as a 9-5 job. Reserve stays in their home state and maintains a civilian job. Once deployed, there is zero difference. I like it like that. I didn't join the Guard because I don't want to deploy. I like the idea of going over to Iraq for a tour or two. But I also want to get ahead with the other parts of my life in between. And I think a lot of other people are doing this too.
  10. To be honest, the activity has already changed to something I don't enjoy anymore. This is the first time I have been on this forum in probably 6 months. I have every top 12 corps and some 12- mp3s from 94-04, but after 04 there are maybe 5 shows total that I can stand listening to. I don't know why, but I just don't really find the new direction of drum corps to be something I like. There was a lot of talk a few years ago about how some people would leave drum corps if amps, singing, and electronics became the norm. Some doubted whether those people were serious about leaving. Well it became the norm, and I did leave. I didn't go to a single live show in 06 or 07. I went to the 07 theater broadcast and didn't really like it. The point of this being, if changing the activity is what some want to do, go for it. But the idea of alienating previous fans is very real. I honestly think that the idea that diversity is a goal in and of itself if one of the most corrosive and disastrous ideas in America. If people really want race to not matter, they need to stop making it matter. If people of many races like something, great. If they don't great. If only one race mostly likes it, great. If only one race mostly doesn't like it, great. It doesn't matter. Race should not be an issue. And bringing this stuff up just keeps making it an issue. Just let people enjoy what they enjoy. Drum corps has its foundations in military style formal "rigid" classical type music. A lot of people enjoy that. Who cares if it's "92% white?" People like what they like. There are other types of music that other races mostly enjoy. I'm not going to demand they change to accommodate me. I'm fine with thigns just flowing how they flow. Forcing changes that people don't like in order to bring some fabricated social construct into reality is the worst idea ever. It's OK to like or not like some of the same or different things. Did they happen to also note the disproportionate number of non-blacks in the NBA? Does it really matter? Or do some people make a life's work out of finding things to get mad about?
  11. Mid 90's to mid 00's. 1995-2003 to be precise. Don't like much before or after those years.
  12. It's a little early. Try asking on in a week or two when all the members get back.