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  1. 1 Madison Scouts 87.300 2 Crossmen 86.350 3 Boston Crusaders 86.150 4 Colts 83.350 5 Troopers 82.950 6 Mandarins 78.150 7 Pacific Crest 76.400
  2. no but i was responding to being stuck in 4th and notmedaling this year
  3. bluecoats almost always gains a place throughout finals week
  4. the TOC shows seem to score differently from the regular dci shows. So no matter what happens tonight, San Antonio could be totally different.
  5. This might be a bigger issue if cavies were not so close to phantom and madison not so close to blue stars. These are all wonderful organizations that can accommodate all the talent of their areas. So let phantom have all female guard and cavies and madison hold to tradition and be all male. There are corps fits for everyone.
  6. A judge in Michigan took me out in 1990, really messed my mellophone up but it gave the corps a good laugh since I wasn't hurt.
  7. Anyone else having script errors on the DCI page making it impossible to navigate? Its been this way all day, and its not my computer as I have had no problems any where else.
  8. Is all the material there this year or are there copywrite issues again?
  9. Since Blue Devils are not doing either regional, how is there performance slot being determined for San Antonio?
  10. As a performer you want to hear those screams because it hypes you to want to give even more to your performance. As far as people claiming they don't get excited to their feet anymore, I think has nothing to do with the corps. In general we all become desensitized, especially having experienced a lifetime of awesome shows.
  11. Coats are ahead of where they were June 29th of 2010
  12. Really good showing for coats tonight as it was a five man panel and captions tonight were visual heavy.
  13. Accually, Cadets historicly used to come out a muddled hot mess visually and then was absoulutely wonderful by August.
  14. DebbieTorchia hates Bluecoats as well.
  15. Vincent Ohio at Warren High School. It was 1987 and I saw Spirit, Bluecoats, Phantom Regiment, and Florida Wave, I'm fuzzy on the smaller corps
  16. Maybe completely unimportant, but Bloo started out 73.6in 2010, So they could be on par to medal, I also believe bluecoats have the ability to surge in the mid to late season, They have even passed corps during finals week, so I don't agree with if it isn't rewarded right off it won't go anywhere
  17. boo is giving scores now
  18. Why think its bluecoats that could get past? Coats have already beat Phantom head to head this season.
  19. Magic of Orlando 12 seconds to the moon. 1996 Madison Scouts pirates 1997
  20. Star of Indiana 1990, that came out of nowhere.