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  1. got here late and noticing discussion about bluecoats amp check. Didn't DCI pass a rule allowing a tech in the stands to control volume remotely. If so maybe the problem was more on the feed them live.
  2. no not shocked at all, just posted it as we are all music lovers. Her work was even very dark let alone her real life
  3. i know its off topic, amy winehouse joins the forever 27 club with kurt cobain, jimi hendrix, janis joplin, and jim morrison. She was found dead in her home a little while ago.
  4. madison hasn't beat bluecoats all year, the only times they have posted higher scores was in different shows with different competitors.
  5. with bluecoats taking three days off, anyone know if the end and/or parts of the middle section are getting reworked for the minn. show. They are really close to the top 4 and in my opinion this is the area needed to improve or continue to fight off 6-8
  6. i think this is one of the best choices dci ever made for the open class corps. No matter how they do the kids get to perform in the dome under the lights with the big corps. People who usually don't see these corps will be exposed. and if some of the open class knock out some world class more power to them.
  7. although i would love to see something in the WV, KY area, it likely would be a finacial disaster. What about Virginia, say Arlington or Richmond
  8. how high the scores go has to do with spreads, how much better is corp b compared to corp a. For example, if bluecoats win a weaker show, the score isn't likely to go as high as a maybe a second or third place corp in a stronger show
  9. i was a saxophone major and i played mellophone in corps. i was not alone, many members learned a new instrument to march as well as many color guard members were woodwinds, why not give them a chance to showcase a different talent, and yes they should wear their medals, an acomplishment is an acomplishment. before i get crucified, i'm not saying woodwinds belong on the field, but s/e, who cares, let people do what they enjoy. and by the way, kudus to blue stars clarinet soloist in the encore of rapsody in blue, he does an awesome job. gershwin would be proud.
  10. ideally drum corp is brass percussion and guard, reguardless of what changes, it will always be auditioned, with the best young performers in the nation, busting their butts for absoulute pefection, led by the most talented design teams available, unlike marching band, the members will continue give up their summers, eat breath and sleep the show, and entertain in venues all over the country.
  11. with the new rules, its legal, So What if they had a bass player, its better then being top heavy due to lack of contras, the balence will fix itself
  12. hey i know, while we are at it, lets rewrite all the history books too, wouldn't want children to think history is violent.
  13. Thank you for ansewering my question, i've followed drum corps since 1987 and marched in 1990, but have never seen a tie for 12th in semi's creating a need for 13 finalist spots, so i really wasn't sure, this looks like a possible year to have it happen.
  14. as close as madison is now to crossmen, is it possible to tie 12th place in semi's making 13 finalist? What happens in that case?
  15. as close as madison is getting to crossmen, what happens in the event of a tie for 12th during semi's?
  16. thank you so much, i remember the 5 man panel now, should have thought before i posted
  17. Just a stupid question? I noticed from last night's recaps, color guard wasn't judged, are they being judged in later season after more work is done?
  18. of all the really cool stuff in bluecoats show this year, wonderful brass licks, silent drill etc......... why did they chose the ballad and end of the show for the broadcast?????
  19. ok all lets kill some time.... 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall
  20. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the blue devils organization for providing us the minute by minute updates and being so supportive of every corps. This has been a tremendous service to those of us in the east and mid west. This is one of the classiest things i've seen a corps do to accommadate DCI fans nation wide. I hope someone extends this courtisy to the west coast corps next year as all their fans won't be able to make finals either. Again thank you for a great job Blue Devils and GL tonight.
  21. sorry got home late, are the blue devils people doing the blog thing with pics again and what is the link?
  22. i guess phantom, bluecoats, scv and crown had to march in crap then