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  1. when bluecoats get knocked in quarters and semi's, they fight like hell in finals and usually make a jump. its less then a point
  2. yes crossmen are in semi's 16th, top 17 are semi finalist
  3. Blue Stars, Academy, Spirit. Who is getting 12th and could one of them pass g men? Torn with who i want, Blue stars for old time sake, spirit cause they try so hard, or academy, i'm a sucker for the new guy lol. Can we tie 12 th
  4. i don't think there is an awards ceromony for semi's either, but i could be mistaken
  5. I think Academy is set in finals for pasadena, they are touring regularly from here on out and will be revising what needs revised. Oh and by the way. HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  6. DCI is treating Academy fairly, they are exercising their rights by the limited division 1 statas, manderins, pacific creast, capitol regiment do the same thing. Is the problem Academy is good. I welcome them to finalist statas, nice to see new faces. I would rather see corps with limited touring and be around for a long time. GO ACADEMY
  7. thought it would be fun to predict how many corps will break 90 in san antonio. we have 7 corps very close and they are flip flopping captions nightly.
  8. with 7 corps still all in the thick of things, how many 90's will we see in san antonio. Blue Devils, Cavaliers, Cadets, Phantom, Bluecoats, Santa Clara, and Crown are all still flip flopping captions nightly.
  9. I'm glad to see DCI didn't hold their own rules against Academy. They are allowed to do Limited touring, but because of not doing atlanta, they aren't making them go first, glad they counted the california score for them so the don't go in at a disadvantage, i'd like to see academey in the top twelve cause i always enjoy new faces, but if they don't they have had a great run for first year in division one. Go Academy.
  10. the ballads of coarse aren't as exciting, but can be really nice. Every show has to have some down time, not only for the performers, but the audience as well. If every moment was fast loud and high. The audience would lose interest. The slower more laid back moments in show are designed to make the big moments stand out more and be even more exciting.
  11. Well, how is Academy not playing fairly. They happened to be good. Would you perfer they continue to spank division 2 and 3 and more then half of division 1. How about we make another corps fold because they aren't ready for division 1 full tour finacially. Futher more, how can you hammer academy when manderins, esperanza, pacific crest, and capitol regiment did the same thing. DCI allows this to allow corps who are competitively ready for division 1 the chance to compete on the proper level. Now before you continue to dazzel us with clever repiortee, please check your facts and let this
  12. i know exactly what you are saying, but it shouldn't be a problem, it doesn't matter how high the scores go for the afternoon show because the top 8 don't perform til the evening show. expect top 4 scores from afternoon to drop in the evening anyway.
  13. Yes, but bluecoats have beaten cadets this season too.
  14. interesting opening night. Scores and captions all over the place. Extremely disgusted with DCI, The web cast was announced as cancelled then removed from the calendar of web cast cause of difficulties which happens. I logged on at 9 30 to check scores and what do i find???? the web cast happened. I am very displeased with DCI for telling us one thing and doing something different. I'm sure a lot of people missed tonight due to DCI's technical incompetence.
  15. i like the uniform in the pictures, Is that the guard ourfit for this show, if so WTG. its perfect for the show, hope to see looks of charecterization.
  16. just found cadets whole show on u tube. and my reaction is ampssuck the whole show seems like a practice, there are some nice moments but non stop naration over what might be a nice music book, guard is incomplete but thats expected. i give it 7th if it dosen't get major revisions.
  17. hey i must say i'm pleasently surprised. I had heard bad things about madison's new unis, but i opened the thread with an open mind and must say i like them good job madison designers.
  18. well this is always fun, but i'll give it a shot. 1st phantom 2nd cavaliers 3rd bluecoats 4th blue devils 5th santa clara 6th crown 7th cadets 8th blue knights 9th glassmen 10th spirit 11th colts 12th blue stars 13th boston 14th crossmen 15th academy 16th manderins 17th troopers 18th-21st who knows 22nd pioneer Thats my story and i'm sticking too it until i change my mind lol
  19. just wondering if anyone went to the blue review and how the show looked.
  20. i saw it on u tube before it got pulled, and the naration is completely pointless and distracting, far worse the even crusaders 2004
  21. why not both??????it only takes 10 extra minutes. but if you have to chose one, based on todays kids, i would go with star. they will be more interested in movie scores then wizard of oz.