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  1. This may be the best drum corps pciture I have ever seen.
  2. Way to go Surf!!!!! These are the kinds of lessons that all of us who marched in local corps used to get BITD. You have in me a loyal fan.
  3. The real concern is that GH will one day say/post/write something quite damaging that cannot be erased with a simple apology.
  4. Maybe the best 20 seconds in DCI history....
  5. Scouts - God Bless the Child Surf - Big Noise from Winnetka
  6. '78 PR is the reference standard. SOA bari's from 77-81 were about as loud and full as you will ever hear.
  7. '80 - 27 won East and should have but that was when they peaked. Allentown was electric that night. BD was as clean a corps as I ever saw under the tick system. They had it won Finals night. 27's horn line was weak from an execution standpoint and that is what probably cost them in the end. Ironic that their '81 hornline was much better but the rest of the corps had lost a step by that point. '78 - I thought PR had it over SCV then, still do today.
  8. I voted for WA Black Watch. would have been nice to see St. Iggy's and Arbella in there unless of course you were planning a separate All Girl poll.
  9. I left the BD Forums in '04 for many of the same reasons Keith. As a result, this place never was going to have the same meaning for me. Thanks for all of your insight and best of luck!!!!
  10. 1981 Crossmen sops line of just off the 50 and play each others valves for a really nice lick. Cadets copied it a couple of years back. 1980 North Star during Gerry Noonan's solo in Ole the whole corps stops, goes to parade rest and puts their heads and equipment down. Nice bit of dramatic staging. 1978 Bridgemen what I would have given to have been one of the baris backing up Jim Brady during Harlem Nocturne.
  11. Yeah..I remember sitting in the stands and being on pins and needles.