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  1. i dunno. when we did our home shows we did better. even at syracuse we would do better. i think, at least for us, we got pumped up more at those shows.
  2. ray you are doing so much typing and really going nowhere but i love to read it. it's like seinfeld. LOL
  3. i think that yes they can. but it is a challenge. and i don't care what anybody says. you can prepare for changes but the changes are what make it hard. so we have a bucs staff member whieghing in saying how wrong i am. well the scores and placements prove i'm right.
  4. buy me a plane ticket and i'm there. i live in florida. i didn't say they were new brigs . they were brigs. and i'm not putting reading down. and if you think i believe what certain posters have to say well i don't. and when you have a corps director change that is huge. but whatever. sorry i ruffled your feathers. not my intent.
  5. the big guy has to get it together to write is dissertation fred.............LOL. just kidding with ya big w.
  6. the big changes came this year. carl roucco for starters and then about 4 or 5 others who were replaced by old brigs people. john i do keep up on this stuff. they had a big turn over this year. what happened in 2012 was very minor.
  7. reading's biggest problem has been staff changes. it's a different staff now.
  8. seems to me the reports out of reading were correct as the score showed. so...................
  9. in this day and age weather it be drum corps, politics sprots you name it people go to where they read and hear the things they want to hear or read. nobody likes criticism on any level. that is now the world we live in.
  10. uh yeah. a lot of people, and i mean a lot of people never post here anymore. and i know maybe 60-70 right off the top of my head.
  11. really interesting since one show should have nothing to do with another. do you suggest collusion?
  12. a 5.65 point jump for bucs after not competing. so it shows that all those people were right and i was wrong. you don't have to compete to get better.
  13. i think the bucs give it one last hurrah and squeak by in reading. white sabers score you have may be a tad high.
  14. she's gonna kill me if i'm right.............pepe? really i'm just throwing out stuff.
  15. you're right!!! bad at fractions............LOL
  16. WOW!! look how tight that is between cabs and bucs. 1/2 a tenth. looks like DCA is gonna be a barn burner. congrats to cabs!