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  1. oh nice ray. thanx from all of the rest of us percussionists.............LOL everybody must be at scanton tonight. it's real quiet.
  2. there is nothing there my queen. it say's page not found.
  3. maybe i am stupid jeff. but i don't understand what you are saying. please excuse me. sometimes i look at a sentence and don't understand it. this is one of those times. now i took some strong pain meds an hour ago so that could be it. these things are crazy.
  4. August 16, 1969 Scranton, PA 1. Buccaneers 77.450 2. Skyliners 75.900 3. Sunrisers 71.100 4. Crusaders 70.800 5. Caballeros 65.950 this was a huge show. a week befor A.L. NATS. and as you can see this is not even close as to what happened at DCA that year. sun dropped, bucs dropped sky went up, cru went up and cabs went way down at the end. so you never know what can happen.
  5. everybody thinks that the DCI kids coming to C2 is going to have a big effect. it's not. what those kids did in DCI is one thing. they rehearsed every day. going to C2 that ain't gonna happen. they are not super humans. they are just people. they will get bigger but not necessarily better.
  6. not really. i'm trying to end a feud. guess i'm not succeeding .
  7. wouldn't it be something if this was really how it is. what a shocker.
  8. this is what you actually posted . "Speaking for your self there Donnie BOY" now i could have been talking about a lot of people down here. you have been exposed. you deleted it but my alert showed it because you didn't delete it fast enough. now c'mon and let sleeping dogs lie. we don't need this chuck. we all love drum corps in our own way. let's just enjoy this thing we have.
  9. some who live in florida think the sun rises on them.
  10. and you're point is? we should just shut down all threads to people that haven't been to a show right? but yes it's fun.
  11. i just find that hard to believe. i would bet paychecks on this not happening.
  12. you really think fusion is gonna beat bucs??? why??? please explain. what am i missing?
  13. i have 2 reasons for a bucs win, with out seeing them. 1: it's in bucs territory. 2: from the reports, and they are just reports, the bucs have made the changes the judges talked about and we all know they have done big time cleaning. a couple years ago the bucs won every show and when they got to DCA it din't matter . they lost. it's not credit for the cabs that's going on here. it's credit for a bucs corps that are still the reigning champs. until they are dethroned they are the favorites.
  14. do you really think fusion is gonna leap over the cabs? why?
  15. so even though we didn't see them means we shouldn't have an opinion? and what does it mean when someone hasn't ween them and get's it right? explain this to me.
  16. see you have no idea what your talking about. that is not why rochester folded. try again.