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  1. A huge thanks to crown for playing their field show last night... I was going to throw my phone across the boat if I saw any more warmup sequences or gimmick tunes! Good luck for the rest of the season.
  2. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Crown!!! So disappointed until you all started playing your show music!
  3. ####... I got caught up talking to some old friends and never got a chance to see anyone! This show made my summer... still in the lot just sitting in my car amazed at the corps and the familiar faces
  4. At Lawrence High school now and it feels pretty awesome getting my drum corps fix on!
  5. I heard there are plans for something at the show tonight... btw somehow I was able to get free this evening and am driving up to the show... would love to meet a few of you. Ben
  6. We lost a fellow crusader today guys... prayers to the family of Jay Godin. I had the privilege to march with him and even though I didn't see him often, I appreciated how when I did it was as if I was catching up with a brother... I'm pretty sure he had a s/n on dcp... maybe "corpslife"
  7. Beginning of the summer saw a very unlikely mixture of kids from different areas of the country and world. There was "team Japan", a group from Denmark, "Braddock, Miami, a group from St Louis, the anchor group of kids from the Boston area and various other places. I was in the Miami group and honestly had no clue as to what I was getting myself into. Over the span of the summer which included a bus accident, bus roach infestations, sicknesses and the normal woes that marching dci brings about, that unlikely mixture of kids evolved from being random groups of people into one solid family that I am so proud I was part of. I remember after performing in semis the corps was brought to the edge of the field through one of the tunnels. We waited to hear our score and that of the corps that performed before and after us... The realization was not as impactful on me as it was on long time members and corps leadership but the moment was embroidered in my mind and the most significant achievement in my life up to that moment. The tears and smiles were abundant. Never had we sang more corps songs and "NaNas" than that night on the way back to the housing site! I had the privelage to march 2 amazing years with the corps until I decided the Navy was the right direction for me and to this day the experiences and responsibility learned helped me survive. Thanks for giving me the chance to reminisce some great times from my childhood.. Eat emm up Boston!
  8. My rookie year with the corps! JD wrote the book.. Great intro into dci for me that year!