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    Don’t f with me you ####. 

  2. I don’t take it the hard way but so what. That’s a BIG list of corps. You specifically pointed out the better ones. This is an individual showcase that I think it’s really good to showcase that. If you follow BD it’s not just about winning it’s also about teaching.
  3. Wow. Just purchased my tix on fandango. It’s almost sold out in pleasant hill. It’s all reserved seating. Just wondering if people will go later on after Wk and be turned back if they expect a seat. And from the seating it looks like it’s a small theater.
  4. Try to make the Pleasant Hill CA. Century Theater. Mostly BD parents, alumni, C corp members and some SCV fans. Really excited to see Mandarins on the screen.
  5. And them not on the theater feed....kinda surreal. I remember when they use to come out west. No matter where they placed score wise they were like rock stars. They are or use to be the main attraction.
  6. Yeah....I agree. But Madison's look this year looks cheap. Last year's didn't really bother me but this year it's just to bright in color. Like Skittles candy.
  7. For one thing the "costumes" or uniforms really are just not Madison Scouts. They look like a Disneyland High School musical group. I really think you can be update but have your look and know that this is the Madison Scouts. When I first saw them unless they were announced they were MS I would have never known that.
  8. Just a clarification. FloMarching will only broadcast up until the Big, Loud & Live starts in the theaters? I'm not sure I will be able to make the theater showing but wondering if Flo will also do the whole thing or just partial.
  9. Thanks for the video. It's kinda interesting how she right away was not happy what he said and he right away tried to dig a hole out he created. She tapped her pen and made a comment about how sexism has nothing to with how a corp performs. She right away was trying to do damage control with some humor.
  10. I know. I use to Wk for a big insurance company after college. You can insure most things against most things. You just have to pay for it.
  11. Probably have insurance on most electrical stuff.
  12. I think the cavies are good. It’s just 5 other corps ahead of them are also very good. Who knows. This show 10 yrs ago might be a top 3.
  13. I agree. We now have huge modern stadiums to fill shows. Levi stadium. Seattle area and the new stadium LA is building for the Rams. No reason not to tour the west in a few years. Change the boring tours they do. No more hot Texas tours right in the middle of a heatwave. Today the high in LA is low to mid eighties, no rain. In the Bay Area it’s 72 in SF and 82 in Silicon Valley.
  14. Go back and check out a video of the Glassmen performance at a past Allentown show. It’s way back on this but it’s really amazing.
  15. Probably the top 3 at finals not being scored tonight. I think BD has one more show in Buffalo. It really does not look that wet but again everything is now electronic so makes a huge difference in cancellations. Now I have no plans Friday night. It’s 630 in SF and nothing to do. Maybe I’ll go see the Tom cruise movie.
  16. Allentown shows are a fixture in DCI tours. I for one say don’t move it.
  17. It’s a discussion but it won’t change. To me it’s the electronics that are now being considered. It does not seem that rainy but when dealing with plugged in things it’s dangerous.