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  1. So it's now late Mon night and the John & Tuna show is parked for the night. All is good. The busses went through Iowa on the way down, no issues. The trip back took the corps though the flood plains of Wisconsin with no issues as well. (I think they realllly wanted to stop in Mauston, oh the storys). Chickens all home. John and Tuna show "doing Chicago and Wisconsin to boot" all day Tuesday!
  2. Things are getting better. The John and Tuna show made it to "Do-boyz" PA. but had some issues with parking. Apparently they take their parking standards to high levels, and so should you. So after our 2nd 12 hour day on the road, we made it to the hotel, but "you can't park that trailer here" (I did not cry, and tried to use it as a learning situation), so we went to the bar down the street for some thinking and drinking, (the 24 hour kitchen was closed for remodel) used my phone for good, and put a plan together. Have you ever heard of a place called "SHEETZ" Its a gas station that has a "make to order kitchen" in the back, and it's now my new friend. So abandoned the truck at Wall Mark for the night, and got a ride to the hotel from "Peter the great" with Tuna on my lapšŸ¤”, ate my CASARITO from SHEETZ (case-a-reet-toe.....pronounced like Brad Pitt in Inglorious basturds) and drifted off in to drum corps dreams for the night. Plan today? DOMINATION!
  3. ---dateline--Beloite Ill. After enjoying a 6 hour delay because of "flash flood" the John and Tuna show made it just over the Wisconsin border and at 2am, called it a night. Still raining. Please check with the Wisconsin DOT if you are traveling 90/94 today. Shooting for DeBoies Pa. Tell my wife she was right and I love her. I now hate flash and his stupid flood.
  4. OK drum corps, be on the lookout for 2 green "rockstar" school buses, and couple trucks with trailers heading east(hopefully) Keep you updated Love you all
  5. To All friends and fans This is my first review, so please try to read though the lines and pick up what I'm trying to lay down. The day started as every good day should, the sun was shinning, and I got to see drum corps, so what could be better???? I had a good view of the street, and I was'nt to far from my cooler or the porta-john. Normally I would not get too excieted about a parade, but with all of the recent "HYPE" of the Tremendous Blast and the BSA I wanted to see what all the "guff" was about. The first corps up was the Blue Stars Aluni- sorry, missed you guys----needed a brat Next up was "The Tremendous Blast" and what a quality corps that is. All I keep thinking was what a class act. From the moment I saw the corps I was impressed with just the way they went down the street. I have been seeing coprs for some time, but nothing like this, they were so entertaining, so musical, so full of life, they made me wet my pants!! Then just when I thought it could not get any better, it did,,,and how!!!! It all started off with the drums and then came the chant. The chant of all chants, that truly proclaims the essence of what it must be like, when you are Tremendous!!! "Tremendous, Tremendous oh,oh Tremendous" and then, like the precision machine they are, all of the Blasters swirled and swelled up together with a big "Whoop-La" or something like that, I was personaly having another personal problem, but did not care. Then like a beacon in the night, the drum started shining though, with this new wave drum beat that got all of the "Local Festers" of their butts and joined in the fun. My mom, dad, 2 aunts,3 stangers, and my self, wet pants and all, could not contain ourselvs any more, we needed to be Tremendous!!!! We stared heading down the street like abunch of drunken rats . Dancing, laughing and having the time of my life, I felt like I was home when in fact I had never ever marched before. I had never performed before now, and there I was, in front of Oktoberfest, a ROCK STAR!!. Then, in Tremendous fashion, and how this happened I still have no clue, It Got BETTER!!!! The parade song was up, and I was clueless. What do I do??? Then I remebered the chant, and then also confirmed from a horn player "YOU ARE TREMENDOUS!!!!! LET IT OUT!!!!!" and I started Blasting. I Blasted like no one ever Blasted, and with That power, I truly became Tremendous!!! This moment in time is like non that I have ever experienced before. I felt the reason The Tremendous is in a class of their own. Class, quality,power, showmenship, precision all rolled up into one Fantastic drum corps, I now see why others consider this corps "The greatest...EVER!!!!" I wished it would never end, and like the Blasters they are, off they went into what looked like an endless party. I yelled "Party on Blasters" and one lone cymbal turned and said something I will never forget. "See you next year!!" and away they went. Later I found out The Tremendous scored a 99.7 "WOW" ps. I did hear one comment from a local about the BSA and I guess he sorta shouted it "Hey!!! what do you think is better, The BSA or the Packers" b**bs Jane Doe LaCrosse Wis drum corps expert
  6. Hats off to the "CHOPS" wow!! what a weekend. Minnesota A-class went 1,2. I'm just glad that Vic from heat wave got best DM instead of my brother Mike. I would of never been able to live that one down. :P Better luck next year Mike <**> Love, from your brother John :)
  7. Good luck!!! to all helping make this happen. The Govenaires wish the very best to see more corps, more fun and more friends. ..and to answer your question about what I did for drum corps today? I opened the bar and showed everyone who came in the drum corps channel (channel 107) :P
  8. I think the temp tomorrow is going to be under 100. Do you have sweat shirts? :P
  9. Dear DrumKorMom Thanks for the support. If you can't be a big drum corps you might as well be Rock Stars :P Thanks Baby!!! John Govenaires corps director, drum major, bus driver (not always in that order)
  10. Hey Govies Do you still have the "DRUM CORPS SPY" shirts? love it, want it , need it
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