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  1. Safe to say one the best 6th place show at that point since Star 1989?
  2. That was the best. The "woke" facial ....... expression. Oh wait......that didn't sound right. Ok, I announce that I will cancel myself from this forum. But feel free in outrage to partake of my old threads and post with glee and defiance.
  3. Not to pick nits, what does the monitor have to do with the PC not working? lol
  4. Including how the all female Symbol errrrr Cymbal line was referenced.
  5. Probably, if I heard correctly, after finals the BD truck had decent supply of beer to share.
  6. More common than you think in the 90's, heck when SCV toured SoCal in 1999, their closer was just a standstill. SoCal never got to see what the closer was like until the Finals broadcast.
  7. All I know is that drumline was full of talent (Jeff Queen, Nick Angelis, Walter Powell, Colin McNutt, Murray Gusseeck, Camden McConnell, Vince Gardner, Matt Altmire, etc) , that book was ridiculous. And that tenor line, the best SCV has had until 2016 (IMHO). And Scott Johnson was the Drumline caption head. (the mullet in full regalia)
  8. Today at this moment, I would walking from the lot to the stadium fresh from watching SCV kill it at RCC - Western Corps Connection (Riverside show - now relocated to San Bernardino Valley College). And based on last year's schedule, I would be awaiting Mandarins's performance. Link to the Performance Photo
  9. This has to make your list of DAP for the DAF Pod.
  10. McNutt or ScoJo jokingly said after hearing of the change in judges on the field, now they could crank up the writing even more since the judges won't hear as much, lol.
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